Natural Health Essentials

As New Zealand's most trusted provider of natural health products, Health 2000 has received permission to provide essential health products for sale online. Additionally, some stores have the facility to take email and phone orders for dispatch, but they will remain closed for the lockdown period. 

Not all our product range is available for purchase due to restrictions on non-essential items as well as stock availability. More products will become available each day as suppliers restock products that were sold out prior to the lockdown. We respect the guidelines given to us and will not sell non-essential products simply because other providers are. 

The health and safety of our team members packing website orders is our highest priority. We have strict health and safety precautions that make use of PPE, social distancing, and strong hygiene practices. We are proud to be able to offer essential products to our customers in a way that is safe for all involved.

Thank you for your understanding and welcome back!

Bresson Llewell (Health 2000 Ecommerce Manager)

Essential Goods Register Reference: MBIEEB - 1301