Tickets to the gun show - episode five

Fri 19 May 2017
Tickets to the gun show - episode five

I’m back! 
I realise it’s been a while, but believe me when I say I’ve definitely not given up! I’m back into my healthy meals and the gym has got me so sore, I’ve been wheeling around the office on my chair instead of walking. Note to self: Never wear heels the day after leg-day. Ouch. 

Let me tell you what I’ve been up to on my unplanned hiatus of the make-me-shredded process.
My fantastic trainer, Julie, was training me once a week in her studio. I’d leave work at lunchtime on a Friday, train with Julie for an hour, then make my way back to work to catch up on the work I missed. The problem with this, however, was that I was beginning to miss a little too much of work and I was struggling to catch up. So, I made the smart decision to say goodbye to the lovely Julie and set on a quest to find somebody else willing to put up with whiny old me. 

Another thing I had realised during this process, is that because of my extensive background in overindulging, I am simply not disciplined enough for a structured meal plan. While the food I was eating was relatively delicious and certainly working well with my body, I struggled with being told what I can and cannot eat. I have quite a “treat yo’ self” mentality, so being unable to join in on squad lasagne night or work donut day would sometimes leave me feeling a bit grumpy. 

Although my nutritionist, Sarah, created the perfect plan that would have taken me to exactly where I want to be, and was nothing but supportive and encouraging along the way, I feel as though a meal plan just wasn’t right for me. And that’s okay! Who knows, when I eventually get the hang of things, this might be the path I want to take in the future.  

So there I was, on my own again and on the search for some serious help! This all happened about four weeks ago – just in time for my lovely parents to arrive in New Zealand from Scotland. I used the search for a new nutritionist and trainer as an excuse to have a little break and chill out with my Ma and Pa. They were only here for two weeks, after all. 

I did some research via social media to find someone that seemed well-informed and approachable enough to help me. After countless emails of trainers and nutritionists that didn’t seem super enthusiastic or welcoming, I found Ally! She came as a recommendation from another trainer who wasn’t taking on any new clients, so I gave it a go and emailed her.

Ally is a Brisbane based dietitian, sports dietitian, online coach and personal trainer - and she is fab! Rather than providing meal plans for her clients, Ally uses a macronutrient-counting approach. I’m still learning, but it’s basically a plan where I have to hit certain macro-nutrient targets each day. I count the fats, protein and carbs I’m putting into my body. This is a fantastic way to learn about the foods that I’m eating, and gives a more flexible aspect to my meals. I can eat almost whatever I want – within reason of course! 

She has created a plan for me to spend four days a week at the gym, helping me work towards getting muscles of which even Dwayne Johnson would be envious. Every Monday, I have to check in with Ally with new measurements, weight and progress photos, so she can see if I’m on the right track, or if I’ve been disobedient and eaten my entire weight in pizza. You live and you learn!

With the lack of self-discipline, the weekly check-ins are going to keep me on track and motivated to see changes each week. 

Next week, I’ll take you through how I track my macronutrients and which kinds of foods I’m eating. It’s a lot trickier than I expected! 

If there is anything else you want to know, please leave a comment and let me know! I’m happy to answer any and all questions :)

Until next time, 

Erin x 


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