Growing kids with growing bones

Monday, February 24, 2020
Have you noticed at certain times in their lives kids seem to have grown every time you look at them? Growth spurts occur at various ages in kids and are usually accompanied by a voracious appetite. This is because children need the extra protein and nutrients in order to build their growing structures.  

Bones are no exception to the rule and keep developing until we are fully grown. Most people are not aware that by the time we are in our 20’s we need to have created our optimal bone density. Bone turnover is continuous, but by our 30’s we have reached peak bone density and it is a matter of trying to maintain the bone we have built up at the same rate as it breaks down.  Eventually as we get older bone development slows and this is where bone density issues may occur.

When thinking about good bone nutrition most people are aware that calcium is key. Calcium is deposited in the bones where it is used to support a strong structure for the bones. Magnesium is also equally important as it supports calcium absorption into bones and is used by the body to make bones flexible. Calcium and magnesium are often found together in nature and rich sources include meat, fish, dairy, eggs, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Vitamin D is also key for bone health as it helps to balance calcium levels in the body. This can be obtained from sunshine via absorption through the skin or from foods such as oily fish, cheese and eggs. There are also other minerals such as zinc, boron and manganese, which all have a role in supporting healthy bone creation and maintenance.

There is no doubt that a varied diet is the best way to support healthy growth in children. However, at times of rapid growth it can be difficult to keep up with growing needs. Some signs that children may need support can be disruption to sleep; either getting to sleep or staying asleep. This is because magnesium and calcium are important for healthy sleep patterns, but all available minerals are going into bone support. Also, kids may complain that their legs feel fidgety, especially at night or they may complain about discomfort in their legs. This can be eased by increasing calcium, magnesium and vitamin D rich food.

At times when a little extra support is needed for healthy bones Clinicians have BoneCare Kids. These tasty vanilla chewable tablets contain key nutrients needed to support healthy bones in children aged three years and over. Also suitable for teens who are going through a time of rapid development and growth.

Dietary supplements are not a replacement for a balanced diet. Always read the label and use as directed. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Auckland TAPS MR6600.


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