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Tuesday, January 21, 2020



Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family. This year we hope to bring you an offer that’s bound to further your prosperity and health throughout 2020 – the chance to be one of the first to own a commercially operated beehive right here in the open New Zealand countryside. 



Your hive, your honey

Enjoy the unique opportunity of owning a personalised beehive, conveniently managed by our loving beekeepers at NZMA. We will also guarantee the return on your investment in your choice of manuka honey.




•附赠一年的蜂蜜供应,包装完好送货上门,或者你也可以从附近的Health 2000自提。


Sign up to our beehive plan today and receive; 

  • Commercial beehive – valued at $600.
  • Professional management and upkeep of your beehive for the first year – valued at $500
  • Personalisation of your beehive – valued at $120
  • Pluss receive a year’s supply of your selected honey packaged and delivered to your door or collected from your local Health 2000 store.
  • Use the application from NZMA to keep track of your hives health using your unique code.



What happens from year two? 

Pay an annual fee of $300 to keep your beehive operational, and continue to receive your year’s supply of your selected manuka honey free of charge. 









Your beehive is fully customisable through our design portal. 

This portal allows you to customise everything including;

  • Colour
  • Text/copy
  • Upload images.

Your beehive will also be given a unique QR code and serial number so you can track and view your hive through the NZMA app. 


你的专属秘境坐落于北地大区(Northland)的科罗曼德(Coromandel)或塔拉纳基(Taranaki)。Lighthouse蜂巢可以通过颜色、名字或图片实现个性化。另外, 蜂巢由NZMA的专业团队管理,所以无需防蜜蜂服或大花园!



Where will your beehive and colony live? 

Nestled away in an exclusive location in Northland, Coromandel or Taranaki, your Lighthouse Beehiveis professionally managed by a team from NZMA – so no bee suits or big gardens required!

Every year you own your beehive, you’ll also receive a generous supply of Lighthouse Manuka Honey. Either keep every jar for yourself or give vouchers to your friends and family!

Owning a Lighthouse Beehive means you’re not only doing good for the planet, but you’ll look after your own health and wellbeing too… that’s got to be a win-win.






Why this honey?

The honey produced in your hive will be manuka honey. Professionally processed to ensure it keeps it therapeutic value whist meeting food safety standards. 

Manuka honey is only produced by honeybees in New Zealand. This elite form of honey has been shown to have incredible health benefits due to its amazing antioxidant and antibacterial properties. 

Supporting digestive health, aiding the healing of wounds, soothing skin issues and sore throats are just some of the ways manuka honey can benefit the human body. 

It tastes delicious spread on toast, mixed in hot water with lemon, or eaten straight from the spoon. 


What makes New Zealand so special? 






1. 你的日常食物


2. 野生动植物




4. 野生动物的栖息地


Bees and the planet

Believe it or not, these buzzy creatures and their hives play a huge role in keeping this planet spinning. At least 30 percent of the world’s crops and 90 percent of all plants require cross-pollination to spread and thrive. In fact, managed honeybees are the most important pollinators of New Zealand’s commercial crops.

Unfortunately, the last few years have seen bee populations decline. That’s why Lighthouse has partnered with New Zealand Manuka Apiculture (NZMA) – to support the development of NZ beehives and to help bee populations thrive.

  • Your everyday food

Bees pollinate billions of plants each year, including millions of agricultural crops (apples, melons, asparagus, broccoli to name a few). In fact, pollinators like bees play a key role in one out of every three bites of food you eat!

  • Wild plants and animals

In addition to farm-grown fruits and vegetables, many species of wild plants depend on insect pollinators to thrive. Bees are responsible for the production of many seeds, nuts, berries, and fruit, which are a crucial food source for wild animals.

  • Food source

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a sweet snack of honey - animals like birds will raid beehives for a taste of nutritious honey too!

  • Wildlife habitats

Pollination is vital for the growth of tropical forests, savannah woodlands, and temperate deciduous forests where millions of animal species live. Many tree species, like willows and poplars, couldn’t grow without pollinators like bees.

Buy your Lighthouse Beehive and receive a 12-month supply of manuka honey FREE today!


Ryan Alcock

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