Love for your lungs

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Your lungs are susceptible to damage from things like ills and chills, cigarette smoke, air pollution and allergens, including dust and pollen.  In Traditional Chinese Practice (TCP), your lungs are seen as a key part of defensive qi, helping to prevent nasties from getting into your system and helping to remove waste. 

Your lungs allow fresh oxygen into your body and remove carbon dioxide and other waste gases. At the end of your lungs’ smallest airways are the bronchioles; these are tiny air sacs - like small balloons - called alveoli. Alveoli allow oxygen to enter your bloodstream and waste gases from your bloodstream are 'exchanged' and breathed out.

Lung Qi

In TCP, healthy lung qi helps to ensure a defence against external pathogens, whereas a deficiency in lung qi might produce frequent ills and chills or symptoms that, to a Western way of thinking, might seem unrelated to your lungs, such as dry or troubled skin or breakouts. 

Lung qi is strengthened by avoiding things like smoking, wearing protective equipment in industries that require it, regular physical exercise and breathing exercises, to name a few. Traditionally, white foods such as cauliflower or almonds, leafy greens and warm drinks might also be recommended, along with key herbs to support respiratory health and easy breathing without feeling congested.

Herbal support

Fusion Lung Tonic combines herbs from Chinese philosophy with Western herbal philosophy. This unique formula contains key expectorant herbs including elecampane, white horehound, licorice and stemona, which have traditionally been used to support a healthy respiratory system, balance mucus, soothe airways and support recovery. 

Your lungs are a key element of robust immunity. Support healthy lungs with Fusion Health Lung Tonic,  a quality combination of lung-loving nutrients. 

Fusion Health Lung Tonic offers support for lung and respiratory function.

  • A unique blend of herbs to support lung health
  • Pleasant-tasting and soothing formula
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Blackmores, Auckland.


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