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Thursday, January 23, 2020
Do you know where horny goat weed got its name? Legend has it, a Chinese goat herder noticed a lot of friskiness amongst goats that grazed on this particular plant. In Traditional Chinese Practice (TCP), the plant is now used by humans to support libido and sexual vitality.

Horny goat weed is a key ingredient in the Fusion Health Libido formula. This unique formula is a blend of five herbs that work synergistically to support sexual vitality in both men and women. They’re also supportive for those coping with stress, worry and fatigue, all of which can impact libido and, in fact, be caused by sexual disinterest.

Low libido can have a variety of causes. Contrary to what many people think, it’s not just age related. Lots of factors contribute including work stress, relationship worries, having too much to do, and feeling worn out.

In TCP, healthy libido is related to healthy Qi (life force) and robust Yang energy. Yang has active, energetic characteristics associated with masculinity, regardless of gender. It enhances fire, hardness, strength and upwards movement. By contrast, Yin is softer and cooler, associated with feminine energy, calmness, slowness and stillness. When Yang energy is too low, fatigue can set in, leading to low libido and a lack of sexual desire, feeling worn out, stressed and worried.

The herbs, horny goat weed and tribulus, are traditionally used to ‘anchor’ Yang – to stop Yang floating away and being unable to exert its strong, fiery, masculine influence. They are also said to unblock the flow of Qi to support sex drive. They’re also used to strengthen Jing, a form of life force energy that’s inherited from your parents at the time of conception. Jing is believed to decline as you get older and one of the symptoms of its decline is reduced sexual interest.

Fusion Health Libido also contains the herbs schisandra, morinda and curculigo, regarded as having libido-supporting properties. Schisandra is supportive during stress and worry to help you relax.

Lifestyle advice for a healthy libido

  • Regular exercise: This is an important part of maintaining vitality and libido. However, over-training may be detrimental, ultimately reducing sex drive.
  • Eat black-coloured foods: These nourish the kidney organ-meridian system to support reproductive health and libido. Try to include foods like black beans, black sesame seeds, dates and seaweed in your diet.
  • Eat walnuts: Walnuts are traditionally believed to enhance kidney Yang energy and support men’s sexual potency.
  • Try counselling: If libido issues are caused by relationship difficulties, stress or mood problems, counselling may help to address the underlying issues and restore your sexual vitality.
  • Acupuncture: This may be beneficial for low libido.

The Fusion Health difference

Fusion Health draws on ancient wisdom from Chinese herbal practice and joins it with modern Western practice to help you achieve and maintain a balance of body, mind and spirit to experience the health and vitality you’re looking for.


Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Blackmores, Auckland.


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