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Friday, July 19, 2019
Introducing GO Healthy GO Kids – a comprehensive range of products to cater for a variety of health needs and keep the little ones firing from all cylinders. The GO Kids range is packed with botanicals, vitamins, minerals and nutrients that really benefit the health and wellbeing of your little ones.

Each product is made without artificial flavours or colours and is sweetened without sugar, making them a popular choice for parents. The range caters for ages two years and over (with the exception of the probiotic powder which is suitable from six months of age and over).

Immune support for kids

At this time of year looking at ways to defend against winter chills is often on a parent’s agenda as kids are exposed to germs and bugs at daycare and school. The GO Kids range has a variety of go-to immune products to help build their defences.

GO Kids Vir-Defence Immune contains ingredients like echinacea, vitamin C, zinc and elderberry that work together to build defences and keep ills and chills at bay, keeping your kid’s immunity in tip-top shape. It’s supplied in a bear-shaped chewable tablet with a yummy berry taste.

GO Kids Vitamin C 260mg Orange is a popular choice for immune health. These chewable tablets are available in either orange or blackcurrant flavour, and with a low-acid blend it has the added benefit of being tooth friendly. When it comes to energy and wellbeing, immunity cannot address these alone. Other factors that should be taken into consideration include things like gut health, nutrition, and sleep.

Gut health support for kids

Over 70 percent of your immune system lies in the gut, so if your good gut bacteria is out of balance, then there’s a really good chance that your immune system could be compromised.

The GO Kids range has a kid-friendly probiotic which helps to repopulate their good gut bacteria, supporting a healthy digestive and immune system. This flavour-free probiotic blend is supplied in powder form so it can be mixed into drinks or food. As an extra benefit, it comes with a spoon which fits into the bottle for convenient access.

Nutrient support for kids

Diet plays a major role in wellness, therefore it’s important that kids are getting enough nutrients from their diet. Fruit and veges are high on the list of foods to eat!

But if your kids don’t eat fruit and veges, or if they seem to pick at everything you give them, then GO Kids Fruit & Vege 5 + A Day could be a great option. It provides a delicious way for kids to top up their daily fruit and vege intake, fill any nutritional gaps, and to give their immune system a helping hand.

Sleep support for kids

If your kids aren’t getting enough sleep, they can feel tired, irritable and run down. GO Kids Calm & Sleep Support Magnesium Plus works a treat for those kids that find it difficult to get to sleep as it supports calmness and helps to switch off a busy mind. Plus it’s supplied in a cute super bear-shaped chewable tablet and has a yummy strawberry taste that kids will love!


Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. GO Healthy NZ Limited, Wellington. Made in New Zealand from selected imported ingredients.


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