The problem with pregnancy and pollen

Thursday, February 14, 2019

By Jane Cronin, Naturopath

Summer is a favourite season for many, but if you are pregnant, you may be feeling overheated and uncomfortable. Many lovely pregnant ladies may also may notice new reactions to pollen, pets and plants, whereas pre-pregnancy, these allergens may not have caused any issues. Unfortunately, this is one of the natural consequences of pregnancy due to immune system adjustments by your body.

Why does your immune system change?

The foetus is made up of immune characteristics from both the mother and father, so to the mother’s immune system, the paternal characteristics are “non-self” and could be perceived as immune system invaders. Therefore, to prevent any issues, your body dials down the part of the immune system that polices foreign invaders.

However, a natural consequence of this immune system rebalancing is that pregnant women may become more susceptible to allergens like those from pets, moulds, dust mites and plants. Exposure to these allergens may lead to new issues with nasal congestion, irritation in your throat, nose and eyes, and eyes feeling watery and itchy.

As always in pregnancy, care is needed when looking for a product to support the unpleasant effects of allergen irritation. This is where a natural solution like Clinicians AllerStop can help.

A helpful solution

Clinicians AllerStop chewable tablets are made from quail egg, which has been found to provide your upper respiratory system with support on exposure to allergens. The quail eggs contain a special protein that works with the mucous membranes by coming between them and the allergens. This means your immune system is not provoked, so the consequent reactions are not triggered.

AllerStop can be taken at the first sign of irritation and works quickly – within 15 minutes. As they are pleasant-tasting and chewable, they can be taken at any time and without the need for water.

AllerStop is also suitable for use during breastfeeding and can be taken by children three years and over.

Other tips for allergen support:

  • Take vitamin C daily to support a healthy response to allergens
  • Add probiotics to help balance your immune system via your digestive system, while also supporting your baby’s immune system
  • Try and stay indoors at peak pollen times
  • Wear sunglasses to avoid eye irritation.

Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Douglas Pharmaceuticals Limited, Auckland.


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