How aromatherapy can help curb cravings

Monday, November 20, 2017
Cravings or intense desires can play havoc with your wellbeing, resulting in a spiral of doubt, depression and often weight gain.

Cravings can be caused by hormones, stress, digestion, addictive ingredients, boredom, or simply a lack of motivation to change. So how do you control unhealthy cravings? A solution that is not so obvious – and one that celebrities around the world are fast catching onto – is the use of pure essential oils.

The plant chemicals contained in essential oils can help curb cravings by quite simply making you feel more satisfied. The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Institute of Chicago found that inhaling peppermint can directly affect your brain’s satiety centre, that is, it can convince your brain you are full.

Are you an emotional stress eater?
Smell some bergamot oil. This sweet-smelling oil is renowned for being uplifting, reducing the need to eat to feel better.

Can't stop thinking about chocolate?
Reach for jasmine essential oil.

Try grapefruit. A motivating oil, it can help you muster the energy you need to get moving and put down the junk food. In fact, preliminary research shows that the grapefruit scent suppresses appetite and may even help keep weight off. The limonene chemical found in grapefruit helps your body utilise fat. Celebrities often say this method assists their weight loss!


Either inhale them directly from the bottle, put a few drops on a tissue to inhale when needed, or use an electric vaporiser or diffuser to enjoy the oils throughout the day. Most research indicates that it’s key to vary the oils to prevent becoming desensitised to their effects.

Here are some oil blend suggestions to curb cravings.

  • Stop the binge blend
    2 drops cinnamon
    2 drops grapefruit
    1 drop cypress
  • Stop the habit blend
    1 drop fennel
    2 drops lavender
    2 drops lemongrass
  • Stop the craving blend
    3 drops cinnamon
    2 drops cedarwood
    2 drops frankincense
  • Stay in control blend
    2 drops peppermint
    2 drops lemon
    2 drops bergamot
  • No more sugar blend
    3 drops jasmine 3% in jojoba
    2 drops bergamot
    2 drops grapefruit


Simone McConnell

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