The vital silly season mineral

Friday, December 6, 2019
Magnesium is the fourth most common element in the earth and the eleventh most abundant element by mass in the human body. It is essential to all cells and is involved in over 300 enzymatic interactions.

There are so many areas of your lifestyle that magnesium can support, including:

  • A good night’s sleep
  • Response to stress
  • Muscle tension.

There are many things that can affect your magnesium levels – especially over the festive period when you’re rushing around trying to fit in family time, social events, plus organising Christmas presents…

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include:

  • Muscle tension
  • Eye twitching
  • Worry
  • Sleep disturbances.

Other considerations that can impair absorption, increase excretion, or increase demand for magnesium are consumption of alcohol and taking certain medications.

  • 1 Refined sugar
    The refining process of sugar strips the molasses, removing all the magnesium. Sugar also causes your body to excrete magnesium through your kidneys. Foods that contain high amounts of sugar are often referred to as “anti-nutrients,” as they replace whole, nutritious foods and actually use vitamins and minerals to power the process of digestion, resulting in an overall loss of nutrients.
  • 2 Stress
    During its stress response, your body releases stress hormones which cause a cascade of physical effects, many of which consume magnesium. Under long-term stress, your magnesium levels can be severely depleted, leaving you susceptible to symptoms of worry and low mood.
  • 3 Soft drinks
    Phosphates present in dark-coloured soft drinks can bind with magnesium inside your digestive tract, disrupting nutrient absorption. Drinking fizzy drinks with your meals can cause you to flush any magnesium in the food out of your body.
  • 4 Caffeine
    Your kidneys play a key role in controlling the level of magnesium in your body. They filter and excrete any excess magnesium, as well as and other minerals. Consuming caffeine stimulates your kidneys to excrete more magnesium.

Restore your magnesium levels with Lighthouse Magnesium Max. This essential supplement contains three well-absorbed types of magnesium in the form of citrate, aspartate and amino acid chelate, providing 250 milligrams of elemental magnesium in a one-a-day capsule.

Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Lighthouse Health Distributors Limited, Hamilton. 


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