Vitamin D slashes risk of stroke and heart attack

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Scientists have found a direct link between a deficiency in vitamin D – caused by lack of exposure to the sun – and hypertension, which also raises the likelihood of stroke and heart attacks.

The worldwide study found that people with high concentrations of the “sunshine vitamin” had reduced blood pressure.

Scientists say there is a “strong case for food fortification with vitamin D to ¬≠prevent some kinds of cardiovascular disease”.

A spokesman for Vitabiotics, who developed Ultra Vitamin D, which contains the preferred D3 form found in the body said: "Vitamin D has been called the 'Wonder Vitamin' as it plays a truly remarkable role in the body and is essential for all round good health. Vitamin D has been found to influence all 36 organ tissues in the body.

"It is not only vital for strong bones, but is now known for its role in the immune system, hormone metabolism, brain function and mood, Cardio-vascular function and now blood pressure regulation. While scientific data is mounting on almost a daily basis about the enormous benefits of vitamin D, at the same time it is clear most of us are not getting enough vitamin D due to the lack of sunlight we are exposed to throughout the year.

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