Supplementing Endurance Training

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Supplementing Endurance Training

Training for endurance events such as a marathon or an Ironman certainly puts additional strain on the body, and I’m lucky I have excellent advice from many Health 2000 staff close at hand. However, sometimes you can be overwhelmed with information and feel you need anything and everything available – you could end up rattling around with pills and tonics inside you.  
As with training, I try to keep it simple when it comes to supplementing. So with the help of the great staff here, there are three base products I use every day for general energy and fatigue support. 

Vital Greens
Endorsed by Health 2000 ambassador Barbara Kendall, if it’s good enough for an Olympic legend, it’s good enough for this weekend warrior. Vital Greens help me three-fold: 
1. It helps get me the essential nutrients I may miss out on during the day, because sometimes I don’t have time to get “five a day” fruit and vege.
2. Vital Greens has 76 vitamins, minerals and nutrients, so I don’t need multivitamins.
3. Added probiotics to keep the digestive tract on course.

Good Health CoQ10 + Fish Oil
Acts as a high potency antioxidant and supports cellular energy. It can be best described as a cellular “spark plug” for energy utilisation. CoQ10 levels reduce as you get older, so for me it’s important to keep these levels up. 
Although the data is not confirmed, there have been reports that CoQ10 may also support VO2Max (the grunt of your cardiovascular engine). 

Lifestream Spirulina
Spirulina supplement is actually one of the richest and most complete food sources present in the world and has over 100 types of nutrients. Great for general immunity and energy, spirulina is full of iron, phycocyanin, GLA and carotenoids, and helps fill in any missing nutritional needs not covered by my diet. 
Also, as Health 2000 has such a great deal on the Lifestream Organic Spirulina (250 tabs + 50 FREE) it makes a cost-effective nutritional and immunity booster.

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