Vitamin B for energy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Are you looking for a natural energy supplement that supports your demanding lifestyle? The new Good Health B Activated Complex could be just what you’ve been looking for! If you recognise yourself in any of the following descriptions, then this innovative product could be what you need to get you back on track. 

Do you:

  • Have a stressful, demanding lifestyle
  • Feel moody and irritable
  • Need support for compromised energy
  • Want B vitamins that are easily absorbed
  • Drink caffeinated drinks to stay energised throughout the day
  • Regularly lean towards high calorie pick-me-ups
  • Have dietary restrictions?

Did you know the B-group of vitamins are a collection of water-soluble vitamins, each essential for various metabolic processes? 

What are B vitamins?

B complex vitamins are foundational vitamins as they help support energy production and maintain your stress levels throughout the day. When in demand, a deficiency in B vitamins can result in spiralling energy and sleep pattern concerns.

B vitamins are a common medicine cupboard staple. Scientific studies now recognise that the forms of B vitamins are important as some can be more easily absorbable and readily available than others.

In a new decade where modern lifestyles are busier than ever before, it is important that you look at products that are easily absorbed, support digestion and are readily available to support your energy levels, rapidly.

How do activated forms of B vitamins better benefit your body?

  • They are rapidly released, easily absorbed and well utilised
  • They support absorption and bypass intrinsic factor (involved in B12 uptake by the body)
  • They convert quickly for use in the body to support energy levels
  • They support the process of methylation, which benefits the health of every cell in the body
  • They help balance stress and make you feel more ‘switched on.’

Why Good Health B Activated Complex?

The newly-launched Good Health B Activated Complex is a comprehensive formula that includes activated B6 (Pyridoxine 5’ Phosphate) and active, methylated B12 (methylcobalamin) to help support your nervous system during times of stress, while also helping to replenish energy production in your body. These activated forms of B6 and B12 are in a ready-to-use form, allowing superior uptake by your body.

Look out for the new Good Health B Activated Complex at your local Health 2000 store or online and get activated, now!

Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Good Health, Auckland. TAPS PP5288.


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