Healthy flora for ladies in the summer months

Saturday, February 15, 2020
The summer months can often be a time of discomfort for many women, as warmer temperatures can set up perfect conditions for undesirable yeasts and bacteria. Normal balance of flora in our urogenital system can become disrupted by humidity and sweating more. Other aggravating factors include sitting around in wet togs, camping, perspiring hard when working out and not staying properly hydrated.

Although we can all get hot and bothered, some women may be more affected than others. For example, one of the main defences the body employs to control the healthy balance of less beneficial bacteria and yeasts, is to control the acid/alkaline balance in the bladder and vagina. When things are working well these areas are more acidic, which supports a healthy balance.  Hormonal changes can affect the acid balance, which is why women can experience bladder or vaginal health issues round their menstrual cycles, during and post menopause, when pregnant or taking the oral contraceptive. 

If we are looking at ways to support ourselves this summer, there are many things we can do.  In terms of bladder health make sure you increase your water intake, which means the bladder is flushed regularly.  You will need to have more fluids in summer as we lose more in sweat. Also, when you are enjoying summer barbeques remember that alcohol is dehydrating.

Looking after digestive health is also important as the bacteria from the digestive system can affect the vaginal area.  Taking probiotics can be helpful, especially if you are taking regular medications. Fermented foods also provide good bacteria and make sure you have plenty of fibre from grains, fruit and vegetables as they feed your beneficial gut bacteria.

In terms of vaginal health, avoid sitting round in wet togs or gym gear and avoid tight clothing. Perfumed soaps can affect normal acid balance so should be avoided.  There are many herbs that can be used to support healthy hormone balance around menopause and menstrual cycle, which can support healthy flora balance.

Clinicians Flora Restore® is a probiotic specifically for women to support healthy bacterial balance in the bladder and vaginal area.  It contains two unique patented strains of probiotics that when taken orally, migrate to the bladder and vagina.  Introducing these beneficial bacteria helps support the balance in these areas, as they support the body with production of pH balancing chemicals.  This supports a healthy acid balance of urogenital flora. Since these capsules don’t need to be refrigerated, they are ideal for travelling for immediate support.


Dietary supplements are not a replacement for a balanced diet. Always read the label and use as directed. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Auckland. TAPS MR6605.


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