Clean Lean Protein - Rich Chocolate

Complete vegetable protein for vitality and repair

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Great Purchase
Would recommend - yes

My midwife recommended this product when i started breast-feeding. 3 years later and I'm still using it. Awesome, natural, non-diary product thats tasty too! I add it to my after work-out morning shake

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Love This!
Would recommend - yes

I make smoothies for breakfast daily, and this is amongst one of my favourite flavours - pleasant tasting, mixes well with fruit. I also use this flavour in chia pudding, bliss balls etc. Will be a staple in my pantry.

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Great Protein Powder
Would recommend - yes

This protein powder is extremely versatile - you can mix it into your coffees, hot chocolates, or smoothies! Personally I love it with banana, berries & chocolate milk, or with caramel & white chocolate milk. It helps support healthy energy levels and I've found it's also improved the appearance of my hair. The taste is mild and pleasant. I would recommend this to everyone - not only gym fanatics but anyone who needs healthy energy support.

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Best Value For Money And Total Health
Would recommend - yes

This protein powder is awesome. I was looking for something to add to smoothies, as I have been shocking at missing meals or grabbing something on the run, (which is always unhealthy). I didn't want a product that was full of other stuff, and it needed to be gluten free! This Pea based protein powder is just the ticket. It is really enjoyable. The flavours are delicious but more importantly it keeps me full almost all day! I couldn't go without this as it is my total breakfast now, and occasionally it lunch as well. I fully recommend this for busy people who want to treat their body.

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Simply add two heaped teaspoons or one sachet (10g) to a glass of water and stir. For a sweeter option, try mixing with apple juice or coconut water.


Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is protein in it's purest form - all natural with no allergens. At up to 90% protein content, Golden Pea protein isolate beats soy, carob and rice protein, and whey concentrate. And, Clean Lean Protein has a 98% digestibility rating, making it more readily absorbed. 
With a pH reading of 7.8, Golden Pea protein isolate is the world's ONLY alkaline protein. Why is this important? If your diet is too acidic your body may break down bone, muscle and connective tissue in order to free up calcium and alkaline amino acids to 'buffer' the blood. 
Nuzest's Clean Lean Protein may help you to preserve valuable muscle tissue and improve bone density. For athletes, this alkaline protein may delay the impact of lactic acid build-up during muscle contraction - allowing for longer periods of exertion. 
Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is very low in fat and carbohydrates - yet it helps you feel full. If you're trying to control weight, Nuzest's Clean Lean Protein is ideal. It contains only 1.3% fat and has very low carbohydrate levels. It also provides satiety which helps when tempted to snack.


  • High protein content - up to 5 times higher than meat, chicken or fish
  • All natural and 100% vegetarian
  • Is a complete protein - containing all 9 essential BCAA
  • Gluten, dairy, soy and GMO free

INGREDIENTS Pea Protein Isolate
Natural Chocolate
Natural Vanilla
Natural Fruit Protein
Cocoa Extract
Energy 1570 kj
Protein 80.0g
Fat 1.96g
From saturated 0.67g
Carbohydrate 6.63g
From sugar 0.67g
Dietary fibre 4.67g
Sodium 1.88g
Clean Lean Protein is great for kids and adults alike. It has something for everyone. 
It has 'The Alkaline Advantage' and high protein content for those watching the 'bottom' line. 
It's very easy to digest and it's ideal for the growth and development needs of kids. 
And of course it suits vegetarians and vegans as well.