New Product Assessment Information

Health 2000 is always looking for and welcoming new innovative suppliers and products to their stores.

Before you contact us please consider the following:

  • Are your products natural with no synthetic additives?
  • Are your products new and innovative?
  • Do your products have a point of difference to the ranges we already carry?
  • Your products MUST NOT contain ingredients that, if sold by Health 2000, would be in breach of the Medicines Act 1981.
  • Your products MUST NOT contain ingredients that, if sold by Health 2000, would be in breach of the Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985.



  1. Complete and submit the 'New Product Information' form. The Product Advisory Group (PAG) will review these details and advise you if they wish to proceed with the assessment. If so you will need to complete the following steps:
  2. Supply samples, 7 samples of each product or, if a range, a minimum of 14 mixed samples. (Please note samples will not be returned).

    All the above should be sent to:

    Attention: New Product Assessments
    Health 2000+ Ltd,
    Ground Floor,
    408 Anglesea Street,
    New Zealand

  3. Pay the submission fee of $275+GST (non-refundable). You will be provided an invoice with the payment details.
  4. Provide a business card, 7 copies of any marketing support material you produce for your product(s) and 7 copies of your price list – Wholesale and RRP.



Once your payment, information form(s) and sample(s) are received, they are distributed to the  PAG members. The PAG members are store owners who assess the product(s) to determine suitability for inclusion for sale in our stores. Consideration will be given to the:

  • product ingredients
  • packaging
  • country of origin and manufacturing
  • whether we already have products of the same type within the stores
  • whether the product(s) offer any points of difference

The decision from the PAG will be communicated to you via email and will include a short summary of the comments made during the decision process. If your product is rejected the summary will include a brief explanation. Product selection is at the discretion of the Product Advisory Group (PAG) and once a decision has been made, no further discussion will be entered into. If your product is approved you will be advised as to the status. If approved as a Preferred Supplier, you will be given an appointment to meet with the Head of Supply and Warehouse to discuss terms of supply.



If your product(s) are approved you will be advised if you have been accepted as a 'Non-Preferred Supplier' or a 'Preferred Supplier'.

  • Non-preferred Supplier (White List) - Your products have been deemed suitable for sale in our stores. This allows you to approach our stores regarding the stocking of your products, but the stores are under no obligation to stock your product(s). The stores are not able to promote your products nor will you be able to use our logo on any of your advertising or literature. If your products are taken up by 90% of the stores and sales reach a reasonable value, you will be considered for 'Preferred Supplier status'.
  • Preferred Supplier - In return for agreed set fees, your products will get promotional opportunities within the stores, which could include point of sale, advertising and inclusion in our magazine. You will also be expected to attend our yearly conference where you will have the opportunity to meet all our store members over the course of 3-4 days. If your products are chosen for Preferred Supplier status, an appointment will be arranged to meet with our Managing Director to discuss Preferred Supplier terms.



GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice. GMP certification is not essential but is looked upon favourably.

TAPS – Therapeutic Advertising Pre-vetting System. All literature supplied to our stores must have gone through the TAPS process. For further information, go to (