Our Team



Alan Morpeth
Managing Director

Alan has been with the company six years. There have been many highlights and joyful experiences at Health 2000, but he will always be haunted by not winning the Health 2000 bake-off. He created the perfect crème brulee and lost to a piece of chocolate. He is married with two daughters.

Favourite Health 2000 product: Balance Cookies and Cream Whey  It gives him muscles. When graphic designer Denise creates the artwork for the sports section, she often Photoshops male model heads onto Alan’s body.

Secret indulgence: Smooth peanut butter.


Garrit Van Dijk
Learning & Development Manager

Garrit is the Learning & Development Manager for Health 2000. In this role he assesses, develops, and implements learning and development opportunities for the whole of the Health 2000 family. Garrit is the proud father of three healthy and active young men, and claims he had hair before they arrived in his life!

Favourite Health 2000 product: PranaOn Super Greens- Fresh Mint

Secret indulgence: Karaoke


Regional Managers


Nicole Williams
National Retail Operations Manager

 Nicole has thoroughly enjoyed a range of roles starting as a Manager and working her way up to National Manager for Health2000. “Feal the fear and do it anyway’ or at the least, work hard and give it a go is her attitude. Spending time in a unique Company such as this and working with a wide range of experienced peers keeps it fresh. I love working with a team that make a difference to the health and wellbeing of others.

Favourite Health 2000 product: The entire theCream range – when hubby leave me some!

Secret indulgence: Her beautiful babies in the South Island, getting home after a few days away, chips and dip, and licorice!


Susan Goh
Upper North Island

Susan enjoys working at Health 2000 because what we do makes a difference in our customers lives ... for the better.

Phone: 021 653 076


Sue Kyles
Middle North Island

Seeing the benefits customers gain from Health 2000's services gives Sue the satisfaction and comfort in knowing she is working for the good of all.

Phone: 027 280 9390

Favourite Health 2000 product: Clean Lean Protein in vanilla, Weleda White Mallow Body  Lotion and Face Cream

Secret indulgence: Trade Aid Dark chocolate and Super Hero movies – she just can’t have one without the other.


Blanche Fick
Lower South Island

Working at Health 2000 has given Blanche the opportunity to expand her knowledge, which initially started while training as a reflexologist. Education here is ongoing, allowing Blanche to continue to grow. This gives her the confidence that our products and service will be the best we can give, but always striving to be better than before.

Favourite Health 2000 product: Comvita Olive Leaf, "Any time I feel something coming on I zap it with the Olive leaf, and that is the end of that."

Secret indulgence: "My family, which is growing faster than I can say Jack Robinson.... grand children, special every one of them, all in their own unique special little way :-) Love them all to bits. I won't be able to say little for too long, my eldest grandson is going to be 11."

Supply and Warehouse


Gavin Muller

General Manager of Supply and Warehouse 

Gavin’s the man for everything supply – if you have an exciting brand or product that will do well within the Health 2000 Group then he’s the man to talk to. He’s married with a daughter who loves riding their ponies – they have two ponies and counting!

Favourite Health 2000 product: GO Healthy GO-Vir Defence and Balance 100% Whey Protein - both work fantastically well.

Secret indulgence: Country Calendar - never miss an episode.


Ben Smyth

Supplier and New Product Development Manager and Online Naturopath

Recently on-board from Auckland Ben works closely with a great bunch of preferred suppliers and manages the Health 2000 Warehouse

Favourite Health 2000 product: Clinicians Hi-Dose Vitamin C is a great immune-booster and works every time!

Secret indulgence: Good quality sparkling mineral water


David Laban
Warehouse Manager

David has been in the warehousing and logistics industry for 20 years, 12 of those in managerial roles. He is very passionate about this line of work and always open to new ideas and challenges.

Favourite Health 2000 product: PranaOn Power Plant Protein - Vanilla Creme 

Secret indulgence: Cross-fit and almond 'vanilla bliss flavoured' milk


Murray Hodges
Warehouse Co-ordinator

Murray manages the Health 2000 warehouse with his specialist skills in stock control and warehousing. Kept ultra busy with kids' sport, he enjoys time out for a good game of golf.

Secret indulgence: Home brew.


Irene Taylor
Warehouse Assistant

Irene has recently joined Health 2000 as Senior Warehouse Assistant. Her main role is to assist with all warehouse duties relating to customer orders. When she’s not working, Irene enjoys sewing and crafts.

Favourite Health 2000 product: Living Nature Tinted Moisturiser

Secret indulgence: Chocolate.


Danielle Marks-Cassidy
Warehouse Assistant

Danielle is the latest addition to the Health 2000 warehouse and assists with all warehouse duties relating to customer orders.

Favourite Health 2000 brand:  The Herb Farm

Secret indulgence: Netball!




Infinity Team


Eliot Jacobs

POS Support

Eliot works on the point of sale system alongside the rest of the Infinity team.

Favourite Health 2000 product: Viralex Attack. Clears you right up when you’re under the weather.

Secret indulgence: Hot chocolate!


Anita Glucina-Young
Infinity Administrator

Anita oversees the Infinity Loyalty Programme ensuring that daily processes run smoothly.

Favourite Health 2000 product: Living Nature skin care products. Especially their Radiance Night Oil. Anita has sensitive skin and is now totally converted to this range!

Secret indulgence: Coffee and walnut muffins.

Marketing & E-commerce Team


 Brianna Tran
National Marketing Manager

Brianna works with Lizzy and Ally to market Health 2000. She coordinates and writes for the monthly magazine, coordinates various marketing activities like radio ads, TV ads and editorials, and helps to create strategies for growth. 

Favourite Health 2000 product:
Trilogy Very Gentle Moisturising Cream – great for sensitive skin.

Secret indulgence:
Orange choc chip ice cream!

Lizzy Hunt

Marketing Manager 

Lizzy works with Bri and Ally to coordinate marketing activities and campaigns for Health 2000, including the monthly magazine, editorials and various digital campaigns.

Favourite Health 2000 product: The Herb Farm Energising Gel Cleanser – smells gorgeous and very gentle on your skin!

Secret indulgence: Having only recently moved over from the UK, I am obsessed with TimTams! 


Ally O'Donnell
Marketing Coordinator

Ally works alongside Lizzy to market Health 2000, focusing on our digital and social channels.

Favourite Health 2000 product: Zuii Organic self-tanning foam - it gives a fantastic summer glow year-round!

Secret indulgence: Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Balls.


Denise Carter
Head of Design

Responsible for all the artwork you see in-store, online and in your mailbox, Denise is kept busy, trying to keep things beautiful.

Favourite Health 2000 product: Living Nature Radiance Night Oil – it's expensive, but worth every cent!

Secret indulgence: Travelling – the more places the better.


Elliot Norton
Graphic Designer

Elliot is one of the three designers at Health 2000 and loves everything creative... whether it be art, design, film or music.

Favourite Health 2000 product: Balance Chocolate Whey Protein – easy treat after a workout.

Secret indulgence: Westerns...  Clint Eastwood man-crush.


Jazmyne Powell
Junior Graphic Designer

Jazmyne is the latest addition to the Health 2000 design team and supports Denise and Elliot in their daily design tasks.

Favourite Health 2000 product: Zuii Organic Self-Tanning Foams!

Secret indulgence: Magnum Caramel


Bresson Llewell

E-commerce Manager

Bresson joined the team at Health 2000 as the E-commerce Manager. His background is varied with a range of experience including running small businesses, sales and marketing.

Favourite Health 2000 product: PranaOn Power Plant Protein - Bananas 'n Cream with almond milk.

Secret indulgence: Surfing, Bresson is officially the Worlds Oldest Grommet

Millie Simpkins
Webstore Customer Services Administrator


Millie looks after the customer service for our webstore orders, as well as supporting Jason in the maintenance of our site.


Favourite Health 2000 product: All things natural beauty!



John Geck
Webstore Coordinator

John is responsible for the picking, packing and dispatching of the webstore order. When not at work he enjoys spending time with his family.

Favourite Health 2000 product: Lifestream Spirulina

Secret indulgence: Coffeeeeee.


Callum Haig
Webstore Assistant

Callum is our latest addition to the webstore team and has come on board to support John in his daily tasks.

Favourite Health 2000 product: Lighthouse Magnesium Max

Secret indulgence: Anything design and music!

Finance TEAM


Michelle Bond

Finance Controller (joint)

Michelle works alongside Tania to help oversee the finances and reporting across the group.  

Favourite Health 2000 product: Manuka Biotic Body Lotion – amazing on my daughters sensitive skin.

Secret indulgence: Wine & chocolate



Bev Cardwell
Accounts Assistant

Bev has three adult children, with two at university. She is originally from Doncaster in South Yorkshire (England) and has been living in good old New Zealand for six years.

Favourite Health 2000 product: Seven Wonders Shampoo & Conditioner.

Secret indulgence: Chocolate, what else!


Liz Williams
Retail Management Accountant

Liz started at Health 2000 in 2019, and prepares the monthly financial reports for our retail stores. She spends her weekends constructing content for her very hairy son's Facebook page.

Favourite Health 2000 product:  Lighthouse Magnesium ensures a goods night sleep and Colloidal Silver – it’s the first thing I reach for with any sign of inflammation.

Secret indulgence: Whittaker’s Creamy Caramel - yum!


Demelza Ballinger
Payroll Co-ordinator & Accounts Assistant

Demelza is our Retail Stores’ Payroll co-ordinator.  Demelza also processes our retail non-preferred supplier accounts, cash management, debtors and any other Retail accounts related query you may have.

Favourite Health 2000 product:  Lighthouse Magnesium Max (helps with sleep, growing muscles and restless leg syndrome of my partner!)

Secret Indulgence: My family! And a beer…


Kaveeta Reddy
Accounts Assistant & Joint Venture Payroll

Kaveeta from the Island of Fiji has been living in New Zealand for 12 years and  she is with Health 2000 for  3 years. 

Favourite Health 2000 product: Anything The Herb Farm!

Secret indulgence: Travelling  and of course, my Fijian food!


Linley O'Callaghan
Assistant Accountant

Linley started in 2019 and prepares the monthly financial reports for Health 2000 Ltd.

Favourite Health 2000 product: GO Healthy GO Probiotic 40 Billion.

Secret indulgence: The spa pool - it's such a great way to relax!


Lynda Dick
Joint Venture Accountant

Lynda joined Health 2000 in 2011 and is the Accountant for the new Joint Venture division.  The joint venture stores are part owned by members and Health 2000 Retail.

Lynda manages the monthly accounts, finances and reporting functions for all of the stores under the JV umbrella. 

Favourite Health 2000 product: Solgar No. 7…..for all those aches and pains from growing older and the odd sporting accident!

Secret indulgence: Not so secret….spending time with her granddaughter Ava!!