Eczema Cream


Eczema Cream

Eczema relief 

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(Adults/Children): Apply a small amount to the affected area twice daily, or as directed by your health care professional. Not recommended for use on broken skin


Weleda Eczema Cream is a traditional herbal product aimed to soothe and relieve the symptoms of eczema, particularly for dry, red, itchy eczema. 

Please note that dry Eczema is often associated with imbalances of the liver. As a complementary therapy, Weleda recommend taking Chelidonium Comp. (liver detoxifier) and then a course of Hepatodoron Tablets

For for wet eczema use Rash Relief Cream


  • Traditional herbal product
  • Helps soothe and relieve the symptoms of eczema
  • Ideal for dry, red, itchy eczema

Each 1g contains, 

Tincture, equi. Fresh juice, 
Allium cepa, bulb 10mg
Brassica oleracea (cabbage), leaf juice 80mg
Calendula officinalis , herb 20mg
Chelidonium majus, rhiz. 16,7mg
Hypericum perforatum herb 16,7mg
Stellaria media; whole plant 6,7mg
Urtica urens , herb 21,3 mg

Oilextract, equiv. fresh, 
Hyericum perforatum, flower 15mg

Oil extract, equiv. dry, 
Calendula officinalis , flower 7,3mg
Juniperus communis, herb 870mcg
Lavandula angustifolia flower 7.3mg
Matricaria chamomilla, flower 9.9mg
Prunus spinosa, flower 2.15mg
Sambucus nigra, flower 870mcg
Urtica dioica, herb 870mcg
Viola tricolor , herb 870mcg
Aloe vera, dry leaf juice 1 mg
 - equiv. fresh leaf juice 200mg 
Coal Tar 200mcg
Graphite 500mcg
Lavender oil 8mg
Natural vegetable oils
Not recommended for use on broken skin

If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional