Zinc Zone


Zinc Zone

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Excellent really helps with arthritis pain

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For general health and wellbeing, as an addition to the daily diet, take 1 tablet morning and night with meals or as directed by a health care professional.


HealthZone Zinc Zone is a multi-functioning zinc that assists in arresting viral replication. Zinc Zone delivers zinc into the high and low frequency hair follicles in the ear, enabling better hearing. Zinc Zone is essential for growth, wound healing, taste acuity, insulin activity, and the mobilization of vitamin A in the body. It is highly recommended for use during periods of prolonged physical or emotional stress.
Individuals who have had trauma or surgery will also use and lose large amounts of zinc, lysine, glutamine and Vitamin C as the body mobilizes these nutrients in order to repair itself. Zinc is a component of many enzymes and is needed to activate these enzymes. Listing just a few of its actions, zinc is essential for growth, wound healing, taste acuity, insulin activity, recovery from depression and the mobilization of Vitamin A. Zinc Zone™ assists the body in insulin production making it useful in individuals, who have elevated blood sugar levels. Diabetics who are zinc deficient have increased insulin production with actively transported zinc. Dr. Hans Nieper found that combining Zinc Aspartate with Magnesium Orotate inhibited the replication of many viruses.
Zinc Aspartate, Arginate and Orotate assist the body in insulin production, making them useful in individuals, who have elevated blood sugar levels1. Insulin synthesis is enhanced by actively transported zinc. 
Zinc Aspartate, Zinc Arginate and Zinc Orotate were used by Dr. Nieper to assist the body in dealing with glucose intolerance in both Type I and Type II diabetics. In discussing cartilage damage in inflammatory arthritis Dr. Nieper noted that the degree of cartilage damage of the joint surfaces was not always directly related to the degree of inflammation. He believed other causes were also operating in causing cartilage damage. He found that many of his patients with rheumatoid arthritis had significant zinc deficiencies.2 He felt that zinc mineral transporters could be very helpful in these patients. In fact he noted that morning stiffness would frequently decrease when patients took Zinc Aspartate.


  • Support for morning stiffness
  • Immune system support and wound healing
  • Supports liver detox
  • Zinc is a key hormone mineral
  • May support increased testosterone and libido

 Each tablet contains,   
 Zinc (as zinc aspartate)  37mg 
 - providing elemental zinc 7.4mg

Other ingredients, Maltodextrin, Avicel, Ac-Di-Sol, Magnesium stearate

Do not use this product for the treatment of Viral Hepatitis.

Zinc increases activity of the immune system so that immune cells increase in both number and function, one component of viral hepatitis is invasion and damage of the liver by immune cells