Teen Health

Teenage years are a time of extremes. Their body, brain and emotion development go through massive changes during these years and on top of that they have academic stress, peer pressure and often great sporting development – as once was play, is now far more serious. 

To say that teenage life is hard, is an understatement. 

To ensure that teenagers get all their nutrient needs for growth and development may seem not too difficult, considering the amount of food they eat; telling by the empty fridge at the end of the day. But their diet is not always the best, and fussy or restrictive eating habits may also be experienced. 

Teenagers need extra nutrient support for bone growth, hormones, skin issues, exam stress, concentration and physical activity. A good start is always a multivitamin, with omega 3 for brain and cognitive development, and a Super Green, as it will make sure they get their 5+ A Day. A protein powder is also a great idea for the budding athlete, to fuel activity and keep them feeling fuller for longer (well a little bit longer).