Circulation Zone


Circulation Zone

Support for the nervous system, blood pressure and blood flow via vasodilation 

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100 Tablets

Take one tablet three times a day with food. NOTE: Niacin supplementation can cause flushing if excess dosage is administered.


Health Zone Circulation Zone nutritionally supports the ability of the blood vessels to dilate, which in turn may moderate blood pressure by providing nutritional support for the nervous system with particular emphasis on the ability to relax.

Dermatitis and other skin disorders may also be improved by this supplement if a primary cause is deficiency of niacin and its cofactors. All pellagra symptoms may be improved by this supplement. These symptoms range from mental confusion and bowel problems to skin and energy issues. The energy metabolism of every cell is affected by the lack of niacin, making symptoms diverse.
Niacin, given in high dosage, will cause flushing. This flushing is an indication of a major use of niacin as a vasodilator (meaning that it relaxes blood vessels, particularly capillaries, explaining its use in assisting peripheral circulation). This flushing is also another indicator of the role of niacin in causing  mast cells to burst. Mast cells are part of the immune system that release histamine, which in turn dilates the capillaries. This has the action of forcing more blood near the surface of the skin (and, incidentally, lowering high blood pressure), which is the characteristic reddening effect.

Vitamin B3 also has an indirect effect on mood and depression. This effect is essentially that, when short of B3, the body has the miraculous ability to manufacture its own, but in doing so, other metabolic processes are interrupted. Niacin is such an important nutrient for the body that priority is given to its manufacture. The raw material that the body uses to manufacture B3 is the amino acid, tryptophan. Tryptophan is an important precursor to the hormone, serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for deeper sleep, a quieter mind and relaxed muscles, including the heart muscle. However, when the body is forced to manufacture its own B3, tryptophan is robbed from the serotonin pathway for the process, causing shortages.

B vitamins, including all the cofactors in this supplement are essential for the assimilation of food and the production of energy, some conditions will therefore require other B components to also be emphasized. The zone range gives you the unique ability to add other factors where required, such as those in Vitamin B zone.


  • Support for Cold hands and feet
  • May help easse nervousness, stress or hypertension
  • Support for uscle tension including angina
  • Also concidered for ADHD, Heart function, Period pain and a Pregnancy pathway

 Each tablet contains,   
 Vitamin B1  1.9mg
 Vitamin B2  3.4mg
 Vitamin B3  124 mg
 Vitamin B6  3.8mg 
 Betaine HCL  3mg
 Brain nucleic acids and peptides (porcine)  245mg
 Pancreas nucleic acids and peptides (bovine)  25mg
 Liver nucleic acids and peptides (bovine) 20mg

Given in high doses Vitamin B3 can cause flushing

Pregnancy: NOT suitable for use during pregnancy

Breastfeeding: NOT suitable for breastfeeding mothers.