Men's Health

Traditionally men have been the warriors, hunters, and bread-winners in society. They tend to be competitive, stubborn and strong-willed – and although this may be hard to believe, men often over-estimate how smart they are.

Men live recklessly, make poor lifestyle choices and largely ignore their own health needs until “the wheels are finally falling off”, and by this time it is too late to be fixed. Consequently, men suffer the most heart attacks, strokes and disabling illnesses before they finally kick the bucket. Women, on the other hand, have traditionally been the home-makers, the mothers of our children and the caretakers of families. They not only care for our children’s health but they also manage to maintain and keep up with their own health needs. Consequently, women look younger, feel better and live longer.

Well, times are changing. Men are finally waking up and paying attention to their health, appearance and their wellbeing.  We are seeing a shift in men’s attitudes from traditional denial that a problem exists (“forget it, ignore it, and hope that the problem goes away”), to a new ideal of responding in a timely and proactive fashion to find the answers, and a solution to a problem.

Men are finally interested in prevention because they do not want to end up with Alzheimer’s disease, have a stroke or become an invalid. Just as men maintain their car with a regular oil change and tune-up, they are now beginning to take care of their own body and health status.

A few reminders and suggestions to keep men on the right path should include:

  1. Schedule a check-up with the doctor, screen for risk factors, fix problems before they become too big
  2. Get regular exercise – aerobic (out of breath) and resistance (weights)
  3. Take a quality men’s multivitamin
  4. Take a daily omega 3 (fish oil, anti-inflammatory)
  5. Vitamin D3 (especially during winter).

- Dr Bob Corish