Workout Supplements

Health2000 loves sport. We have New Zealand Strength Athletes, Ironman Competitors, New Zealand Karate Champs, Yoga instructors and a number of highly active participants all working for us. So, whatever your sporting need or target, come talk to us and we’ll find the right supplement for you to help you jump higher, swim further, running faster or lift heavier. 

Diet is important for any athlete, be it a weekend warrior or a world class contestant, and nothing is truer than the adage that “you can’t run away from a poor diet” 

Health2000 also knows that the final race or event is only the tip of the iceberg, and no one watching sees the hours, often spent alone, training to prepare the body for that one day. Boosting a diet with targeting nutrition will not help you perform better, but more importantly it’ll help you recover faster and overall enjoy your training more. Lets face it, you spend hours and hours training, you might as well enjoy it.