Stress and Mood

Stress affects many people at different times and for different reasons, and while a little stress is a healthy part of life, if you experience high levels of prolonged stress then it is likely to impact your health and wellbeing drastically.

Stress is seen as a modern day issue, and too much stress should be taken very seriously. Early signs of too much stress in your life maybe trouble sleeping, low mood, hormone imbalance, low energy, weight gain, low libido, stomach and bowel issues, and being more prone to illness. If you are experiencing any number of these, please see your doctor immediately, as if stress is not dealt with quickly, it may lead to far more serious mental illness such as depression. 

New Zealand has moved past depression being a weak mans illness, with the like of Sir John Kirwan and Mike King paving the ground for people, especially men to open themselves up and ask for help. 

Health2000 provides nutritional support for stress and to improve moods, but if your melancholic moods are becoming more and more common, please contact your healthcare profession or seek help at New Zealand Depression Website Here or call helpline on 0800 111 757