Preconception is a time of preparation, building health and wellness, and ensuring nutritional levels are optimised. Key nutrients include folic acid, iodine and omega 3 fish oils, along with calcium, vitamin D, zinc and iron, all contribute to your wellbeing and to your baby’s healthy development – particularly their brain, eyesight and hearing development.

Fresh, homemade foods are best. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit, good quality protein including fish, and dairy foods containing calcium for bone health.

However because it can be difficult to get enough omega 3 fatty acids from eating fish alone, it is important to choose a high quality pregnancy supplement that includes fish oil and other essential nutrients.

Lactation is also a time of high demand, as the growing infant depends on the quality of mother's milk. Mothers require many nutrients not readily available in our food supply – high levels of B vitamins, chromium and magnesium for optimal and stable energy and healthy blood sugars, vitamins D and K for healthy bone development and immune function, alongside essential minerals such as zinc, iron, boron, silica and iodine.