100% Natural Liquid Iron

Highly absorbable iron supplement

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Weird But Works
Would recommend - yes

Had this recommended by my midwife. Was suprised to find out it was essentially rusty tasting water from a spring in Wales but have found it to be preferable to iron tablets which don't agree with me and is apparently better absorbed. So far so good.

*Results may vary from Customer to Customer

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Recommended daily dosage is 1 sachet of spatone (or up to 2 during pregnancy) to help you with your daily iron requirements.


Spatone is a natural source of iron that aids in maintaining healthy iron levels and is ideal for the whole family. Once sachet can provide the body’s entire average (absorbed) daily iron requirement. It’s the absorbed iron that matters not just the starting dose. Naturally good for you, the iron in Spatone water is naturally occurring. 

Not all Iron supplements are the same as traditional iron supplements like ferrous sulphate have low rates of absorption so you need to take high starting doses to restore your iron levels to normal. Spatone delivers a more absorbable form of iron, you can take a lower, safer starting dose yet still effectively maintain your healthy iron levels.

Another benefit is that Spatone Iron does not constipate because Spatone is easily absorbed into the body, you only need to take small amounts to your recommended daily intake of iron. Spatone leaves very little unabsorbed iron in the bowel for excretion and therefore minimizes common side effects like constipation.


  • High potency iron support for energy levels
  • Effective in the maintenance of healthy iron levels during pregnancy
  • Does not cause constipation
  • Up to 2mg of iron may be absorbed from one sachet of Spatone

Each sachet contains,

Ferrous sulfate 25mg
 - equiv. to 5mg of iron
Natural water
Do not exceed recommended use
Not suitable for children under the age of 2 years

Use only as directed

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional

Dietary supplements should not replace a balance diet