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Take 5 drops (child > 7 years), 10 drops (7-14 years) or 15 drops (adults) every two hours. As symptoms improve reduce frequency to 3 times a day.


Weleda Nausyn helps relieve nausea and vomiting from travel sickness, seasickness, morning sickness.

Natural and made in New Zealand, Nausyn helps to relieve nausea through a combination of natural herbal and homeopathic ingredients, that ease the stomach and reduce queasiness. 


  • Natural support for queasiness
  • Supports against nausea from motion sickness
  • Ideal support against morning sickness

Each 1g (approx. 15 drops) contains, 

Cardiodoron 250mg 
Hyoscyamus niger, herb 
 - equiv. fresh plant juice 1mg
Onopordon acanthium, flower 
 - equiv. fresh plant juice 25mg
Primula veris, flower 
 - equiv. fresh plant juice25mg

Homoeopathic potencies of,
Absinthium 4x
Cocculus 4x
Ipecacuanha decoct. 5x
Nux vomica 6x
Petroleum 6x

Water/ethanol base.
Use only as directed