Traditionally women have been the carers and nurtures in society. They've tended to be left to look after the elderly and young, whilst the men went off to get eaten by sabre tooth lions. Being the home-maker, the mother of our children and the caretaker of families, they sometimes do not manage to maintain and keep up with their own health needs.

Women should be interested in prevention because they do not want to end up with osteoporosis or mental degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This is why women may look to include some female specific supplements to help them keep on track.

These may include:

  1. Iron - an important female supplement to help energy and support haemoglobin.
  2. Calcium - to support bone health against osteoporosis (Must also include magnesium to aid absorption)
  3. Omega 3 Oil - Brain, joint, skin, heart and eye health
  4. Vitamin D3 - especially during winter
  5. Folate - potential baby health and blood pressure support