Kids Digest Chew


Kids Digest Chew

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60 Chewables

Chew 1 tablet with each meal or with problem foods. More may be taken as needed.


Enzymedica Kids Digest™ assists kids conquer digestive issues while ensuring they get the nutrients they need.Kids Digest™ gives them gentle digestive support to get the most out of everything they eat, all in a chewable, fruit punch-flavored tablet.

Powered by Thera-blend™, the enzymes in Kids Digest are active throughout the entire digestive tract, maximizing health benefits. When kids are clear of digestive issues, they can be free to have fun.Enzymes do digestion. They are naturally occurring proteins that speed up reactions. Enzymes act like tiny scissors, cutting up food in the stomach into smaller components. This helps bodies more easily and fully absorb nutrients.Without enough enzymes, our body can struggle to break down troublesome foods, leading to occasional gas, bloating, indigestion and irregularity.

With all-natural enzyme supplementation, your body gets an extra boost to the digestive process, helping maximize energy and contributing to whole-body health.


  • Kid-friendly, fruit punch-flavored chewable
  • Sugar-Free, sweetened with natural xylitol
  • Breaks down fat, fiber, protein and carbs
  • Gently supports digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Boosts energy and nutrient absorption
  • Reduces occasional gas, cramps and bloatin

 Each chewable contains,   
 Amylase Thera-blend™  7,000 DU
 L-Leucine 30mg
 Protease Thera-blend™ 15,000 HUT
 Glucoamylase 10 AGU
 Lactase 300 ALU
 Alpha Galactosidase 30 GalU
 Cellulase Thera-blend™ 250 CU
 Lipase Thera-blend™ 350 FIP
 Maltase 75 DP
 Xylanase 100 XU
 Invertase 100 SU
 Pectinase 20 Endo-PGU
 Xylitol 0.5g
 Sugars 0.0g


Organic tapioca dextrose, inulin, organic stevia, citric acid, beet juice, natural fruit punch flavour, organic rice concentrate, organic plant-based coating (organic tapioca maltodextrin, organic sunflower lecithin, organic palm oil, organic guar gum).

Consult with a physician prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have a medical condition