Posy of Roses Essential Oil Blend

Dolphin Clinic

Posy of Roses Essential Oil Blend

Foral with spicy undertones

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10ml oil

Massage, bathing, vaporisation and inhalation. 6 drops in 10mls carrier oil for body or bath. 4-6 drops in vaporiser. Inhale direct from bottle. 3 drops in bowl of hot water or shower tray. 20 drops in 200mls water for room spray. Clarifying and balancing. Can be applied direct to skin for headache or jet lag.


Dolphin Clinic Posy of Roses is an essential oil blend of rosewood and palmarosa essential oils and rose aromatic and fragrant oils.

Posy of Roses has a floral with spicy undertones scent, and is useful for skin treatments, massage and/or bath oils. Also good for skin as a moisturiser, firming and cell regenerating. 


  • Moisturising, firming and cell regenerating


Rosewood Essential Oil 
Palmarosa Essential Oil
Rose fragrant oil
Do not use during first trimester of pregnancy.