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Amazonia's philosophy is simple: to deliver the best nutrition to you and see more happy, healthy people that are bright-eyed, energetic and full of life. When it comes to their ingredients, they don't mess around. If it grew in nature and has superfood powers, it's in. Bursting with the colours of the rainbow and deeply nourishing, you bet! But if it's synthetic or refined, it's out. If it's not kind to the environment, then forget it! Amazonia provides whole, live nutrition in a form that the body knows and utilises.

Allan K Sutton

Allan K Sutton makes his My Colloidal Silver from the alpine waters of New Zealand Southern Alps and produces a series of liquid, spray and cream products that may support 


Several Antipodes products are dermatologically approved for sensitive skin. Tests are conducted in a New York Laboratory where 50 women with self-nominated sensitive skin are subject to repeated patch testing of Antipodes products over a period of six weeks.

Aromaganic Hair Colour

Aromaganic specialise in ‘certified organic’ professional permanent hair colours which are easy to use, provide full grey coverage, and are suitable for all hair types. They are better for both you and better for the environment with 100% No PPD, Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens or Bleach. 19 Popular organic based permanent hair colours. Professional function long lasting results, every time.


Artemis loose-leaf health teas make the active constituents contained in medicinal plants readily available for the body to absorb and use for healing. These health teas instantly deliver the benefits, unlike pill or tablet forms which can take up to four hours and the organic formulas provide complex combinations of medicinal plants that are prescriptive by design and safe for all the family. 


Dr. Edward Bach discovered the Original Bach Flower Remedies which is a system of 38 Flower Remedies that corrects emotional imbalances where negative emotions are replaced with positive. The Bach Flower Remedies work in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy and medications and are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, the elderly and even plants. The Bach Flower Remedies is a simple system of healing that is easy for anyone to use.

Balance Sports Nutrition

Balance Sports Nutrition is one of the longest running, most trusted sports nutrition brands in Australia and New Zealand. We take pride in the elite-level athletes we sponsor and are able to advise on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s requirements. Our products are developed so you can recover faster and train harder. We ensure our quality range of products caters not only for athletes, but for any active person who wants ultimate body performance.


BioTrace offers a unique range of extensively researched products that offer numerous benefits. BioTrace are deeply concerned with the negative effects widely experience by people due to the indiscriminate use and distribution of man made toxins and toxic materials into the environment.


Blackmores is Australia’s leading natural health brand, and one of New Zealand most trusted and popular. Balckmores has a deep history and knowledge regarding innovative to provide quality branded healthcare solutions that work. With a vision based on founder Maurice Blackmore’s beliefs, Blackmores is passionate about natural health and inspires people to take control of, and invest in, their health and wellbeing

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars

Blue Dinosaur exists to create the best snack food bars the world has ever seen and make them accessible to everyone, always. Too many food companies think that near enough is good enough, a snack food bar is a snack food bar, they create a generic base and add flavours to it. We don't think this is even close to good enough. We start with a collection of beautiful ingredients that your body wants to eat and combine them into a bar for your convenience.

Cabot Health

Cabot Health is a part of the Australian company Health Direction which was founded over 20 years ago.
Their philosophy and ideals are based in science, clinical research and keeping up to date with the rapidly  evolving breakthroughs of modern medicine and since the 1980s Cabot Health has provide a free national Health Advisory service to Australians, so they have many years of experience in helping people to restore their health.


In 1997, two pharmacists – Mike Cushman and Denis Kay – came to realise that the current pharmaceutical model was limited. Simply put, it couldn’t provide the total answer to delivering wellness for their customers. After extensive research on their behalf, the Clinicians range was born. 


Comvita® sources ingredients in their purest form and optimises their natural active properties, delivering you the benefits of nature in its most powerful form.

Dolphin Clinic

Dolphin Clinic is the supplier of pure, natural, unadulterated essential oils, massage oils and aromatherapy products. We are proud to be a family owned and operated manufacturing and wholesaling business, based in Tauranga, New Zealand. We have been the trusted name in Aromatherapy for over 25 years!


For over 30 years Efamol Ltd has led the international field in scientific research and development of essential fatty acid (EFA) health supplements - Indeed, there are more scientific publications on Efamol Ltd products than on any other brand.

Ethical Nutrients

Combining cutting edge scientific research and development with world class manufacturing techniques, Ethical Nutrients' products use only high quality raw materials and ingredients. Free from many of the commonly used manufacturing excipients, artificial fillers and binders, Ethical Nutrients has built a reputation as a high quality, highly specialised and highly effective nutritional medicine range to suit a wide range of health conditions.

GO Healthy

GO Healthy’s team are a passionate, dynamic and innovative group of professionals who genuinely care and have your well-being at heart. Our extensive experience in natural health means we understand what is important to you and your health and how this can be translated into great products.

Good Health

Good Health started over a quarter of a century ago by John Blanchard. John's agricultural career background led him to become fascinated with the health benefits of herbal and oil seed crops, so much so that in 1987 he opened the doors for business, and Good Health began. Today, John's sons Dave and Brian head our iconic New Zealand company.

Harker Herbals

In keeping with time-honoured methods, all products are free from parabens, petroleum, sodium laurel sulphates and propylene glycol to ensure we play our part in a cleaner, greener environment. It is our vision to remain an ethical business providing high-quality products, made-traditionally and using only the finest and safest ingredients.


HealthZone is a premium health product that is exclusive to Health 2000. HealthZone has sought the very best of ingredients to help provide high potency, simple solutions to the body's overall health needs, and the products are extensively researched by Glen Curd, a lecturer at Pacific Nutrition NZ Ltd


Horleys is a brand created in New Zealand way back in 1976. Since the company was founded, the people who've worked together as the Horleys team have shared a passion for sport, fitness and health.  Enthusiasm, combined with expert knowledge on the critical role of nutrition has manifested itself in the highly functional supplements that proudly carry the Horleys name.
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Inner Health Plus

Inner Health Plus is one of the most respected names in probiotic supplements in New Zealand. Probiotics support the health of the stomach and intestine, and as this play a vital roll in immnue health, probiotics support overall health. As Hippocrates is quoted to saying, “All Disease Begins In The Gut” and the importance of gut health should be the first call to action. 

Karen Murrell

Karen Murrell natural lipsticks use only the finest of pure, natural and proven safe chemical ingredients; hailed as ‘vegetarian lipsticks’, they are made with no animal-based materials and are not tested on animals. Honesty is a promise: the traceability of all ingredients, materials, packaging and manufacturing can be provided at any stage to give confidence that they are from ethical and/or renewable sources.


Kiwiherb specialises in 100% natural, premium herbal health products for the whole family and the Kiwiherb range provides trusted solutions for common health concerns including:
Kiwiherb products are developed by our highly experienced team, drawing on sound traditional and scientific evidence and are made in New Zealand.


Lifestream was founded in NZ in 1980. Lifestream's core value was (and always will be) - clean, green, honest natural products - without compromise. Spirulina and Aloe Juice remain the lifeblood of the company and are still Lifestream's best selling lines. More recently Lifestream has introduced the BowelBiotics+ range of supporting products for bowel, gut and digestive health. 
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Living Nature

Living Nature, founded in 1987 by Suzanne Hall, aims to create a sustainable, profitable, ecological, educational and inspirational business that impacts on the individual by promoting healthy vibrant skin; on the community by creating employment; on the country by featuring the uniqueness of our plant resources and earning export income; on the world by being a model of ethical, honourable business and solving inherent 21st century problems in a way that inspires the human spirit.


Lighthouse supplements are high quality products that are made entirely in New Zealand and seek to provide excellent, cost effective natural supplements. Lighthouse provides an ever increasing range of natural health products, as well as Lighthouse Superfoods


New from the makers of LIGHTHOUSE comes LIGHTHOUSE Superfoods. A fantastic range of nutrient dense high potency superfoods, that support better health through better nutrition. If you're missing out on your 5+ a day, then LIGHTHOUSE Superfoods will fill that nutritional void to keep you happy and healthy 


In 2009 Lotus' celebrated its 25th year since its conception in 1984, and in the mid 1990’s the brand was registered with NASAA and maintains its role as a true Health and Organic brand. This well known brand is based around the sourcing of the highest quality premium raw materials, and quality is not compromised by artificial means to extend shelf life

Martin and Pleasance

For over 150 years Martin & Pleasance has provided an extensive range of natural remedies and medicines based on a commitment to integrity, quality and innovation. We use the best raw materials, utilise the highest manufacturing standards and are committed to providing our customers with quality, efficacious products.
If you would like to learn more information about Martin & Pleasance and their products.


Since 2006, MUTANT MASS has become the gainer of choice among bodybuilders and powerlifters in over 85 countries worldwide. After years of experimentation, the MUTANT R&D lab has developed new and powerful bodybuilding supplements. Their plan was simple – to modify your regular workout into absolute iron-crushing chaos that forces your muscle and strength into the freak zone!

Natava SuperFoods

Natava SuperFoods is a New Zealand owned certified organic SuperFoods company.

Natava SuperFoods are very passionate about quality and make sure their products are 100% organic and have a very rigorous process of screening suppliers and growers to ensure they only source the best products possible. For example the tested over 20 cacao suppliers around the world and of these 18 of them failed the testing process.



Nature's Own

Nature’s Own began in 1975 with the mission to make everyone's body the best it can be by providing potent, vitamin and mineral supplements that combine the very best of nature with the latest in nutritional science. Nature's Own are committed to investing in research and clinical studies in order to bring you the very latest developments in natural health.

Nature's Sunshine

Nature’s Sunshine began with a single, innovative idea: put herbs into capsules to make easy-to-take supplements. This simple idea revolutionised and gave rise to the herbal and nutritional supplement market that we know today. Founded in 1972 by the Hughes family, Nature’s Sunshine has grown into a global organisation sharing transformative supplements with health-conscious individuals around the world.

Nature's Way

Founded in 1968 by Tom Murdock, Nature’s Way has been at the forefront of the herbal health industry. An early leader in educating consumers and retailers on the effectiveness and safety of herbal supplements, we have always supported legislative efforts that help protect health freedoms, and are constantly striving to promote better health through the power of nature.

Natural Things

Natural Things is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. They a team of talented people who are passionate about natural and organic products.

They have a goal to educate and empower New Zealanders to live a healthier lifestyle by making simple changes to the products they use and consume. They aim to help by sourcing the best natural and organic products at affordable prices and supplying them to retailers across the country.

Naturo Pharm

Naturo Pharm is New Zealand owned and operated; the company is based in Rotorua. Established over 30 years ago by the pharmacist founder, Bill Usher, the Naturo Pharm focus is on producing a quality range of homoeopathic remedies that are cost effective, readily available, and above all, easy-to-use.

Nelson Honey

For over 100 years the Cropp family have worked with nature, extracting honey delicately, to supply the finest quality New Zealand Honey. In 1973 third generation beekeeper Philip Cropp, a passionate bee keeper, added the many more wonderful products to produce amazing health benefits. Nelson Honey produce honey and bee products that provide nutrition, health and skin care benefits to their users.


NeoCell is a provider of high quality beauty products that support the skin, hair and nails from the inside out. Providing enhanced collagen products that support the suppleness, strength and glow of the skin and hair, NeoCell products are one of the leading inner beauty ranges. 

It's Super Collagen +C product is one of our best selling products as it not only provides an excellent source of collagen, but it also provides co-factors such as vitamin C that aide the absorption of collagen, providing extra benefits to the body. 

NeoCell also provide supplements that support hair and nail strength and health. 

New Era

New Era Homeopathic Tissue salts are sometimes referred to as ‘Biochemic Salts’ or ‘Cell Salts’. Rather than treating “like with like", as is the case with orthodox homeopathic medicine, tissue salt remedies treat ailments by correcting imbalances or deficiencies in the body’s cell nutrition.  Tissue Salts still maintain physical quantities of the original substances, although in minute form. 

Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals incorporates ethical and socially responsible practices with regard to environmental consciousness, corporate transparency, philanthropic partnerships, and education—all of which are integral to fulfilling our mission of correcting the global omega-3 deficiency.Today, Nordic Naturals is a leading supplier of fish oils worldwide, offering a wide variety of flavors, concentrations, and delivery forms to meet personalized nutritional needs.


Nutra-Life Health & Fitness, a small Australian company founded in 1967 was purchased in 1984 by Michael Thompson, a New Zealand Food Technologist with extensive experience in food technology and the international health food market. Nutra-Life products, using New Zealand’s natural resources and industry research on protein and energy, have become market leaders with athletes around the world helping them improve performance.

Nuzest Clean Lean

Nuzest provide high quality clean products that can be used by the everyday busy person to high performance athletes. Nuzest core twin product range, Clean Lean Protein and Good Green Stuff, compliment each other. One providing high quality protein for muscle and immunity performance, the other providing overall nutrition critical to overall good health and everyday living. 

Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition (ON) was established in 1986 to satisfy consumer demand for consistent quality in sports nutrition. The company is also known for innovation, being first to produce a casein protein powder, and first to offer an all-micellar casein formula. ON's industry leadership can also be seen in the dominance of Gold Standard 100% Whey, universally recognized as the world's best-selling whey protein.

Planet Health

All premium natural health products from Planet Health are made to the highest standards using only the best ingredients selected from around the Planet and fully supported by a 100% quality guarantee. Our products are not tested on animals, contain no sodium laurel sulfate, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colours or harsh preservatives and are 100% fragrance free. We’re committed to helping our customers and our planet stay in the best condition; we care about the environment and Love our Planet.

ProActive Nutrition

Quality Management is a critical element of the products ProActive produces. These days, consumers want the assurance that what they are buying is exactly what is listed on the label. ProActive Nutrition is the only sports supplement brand in New Zealand to carry the AgriQuality Assurance Mark on all packaging. AgriQuality's assurance mark means you can trust that ProActives' product will meet label claim. It also certifies that all products are consistent in quality and safe to consume.


Founded in 2008 by Alex Savva and Don Gauvreau, PHARMAFREAK® is the industry leader on account of its commitment to scientific research and its ability to deliver the most potent and effective sports supplements available. 


If you’re craving that classic candy combo of yummy goodness with stomach filling protein then Quest Bars is a gift from #CheatClean heaven! Reinvented with 20g of protein and 4g net carbs, these bars are here to save your sweet tooth.


Radiance is a New Zealand owned brand of nutritional and herbal supplements. The premium quality ingredients and formulas are sourced from some of the finest supplement manufacturing companies in the USA and around the world.

Red Seal

At Red Seal, they understand that people want to have premium health, to be the best they can be, but the busy lives we lead can sometimes impede our best intentions. They believe that through finding balance and maintaining your health, you’ll have the energy and vitality to keep doing the things you love.

Red 8

Red 8 was established in 1997, born out of athlete Jim Bedwell’s passion for sport, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Red8 products are designed to provide supplementary nutrition for an active lifestyle. Red8's Protein Plus range may seem like a simple basic range, however the same quality and philosophy goes into all Red8 products whether sports supplements or Protein Plus.

Skybright Natural Health

Skybright products are manufactured in a purpose built facility  in Albany, Auckland, New Zealand, or sourced internationally from reputable manufacturers with the highest possible credentials.  
Skybright manufactures and distributes high quality natural mineral health products, in particular colloidal silver and organic apple cider vinegars. 


SleepDrops: Natural Sleep Support have fine-tuned the 'SleepDrops’ formula to ensure that within each remedy a synergy occurs supporting & potentiating the effect of every ingredient in the range. The clever mix and match system offers an individual approach to supporting natural sleep cycles, soothing frazzled nervous systems, over active minds, energy and mood fluctuations, and targeting stress resistance both day and night.


SlimFAST products support the body in helping weight control and management. SlimFAST have created a number of products for each individual weight management goal, be it to create energy, fight fat, curb hunger or provide superfood nutrition. Notwithstanding SlimFAst also produce a high potency Garcinia Cambogia, one of the most favoured weight management tools going around.


Solgar has been innovating and producing fine quality nutritional supplements since 1947. It's ongoing mission is to provide consumers with top-quality, innovative, science-based nutritional supplements to support their total health and well-being. They are committed to exclusively distributing our products in the natural products industry where knowledgeable retailers worldwide can guide consumers through the vast array of choices.

Source Naturals

Source Naturals was created in 1982 by C.E.O Ira Goldberg to support each individual's potential to enjoy optimal health. At that time, the kind of nutritional formulations he envisioned – for the maintenance of well-being and the enhancement of life – simply didn't exist. The idea of combining many nutrients, herbs and nutraceuticals in one formulation, though common today, was then a rarity. Source Naturals pioneered the concept with Wellness Formula®, now the industry's #1 immune support product.


Sukin is dedicated to offering the ultimate in natural personal care, free from the myriad of harsh chemicals used in many products on the market today. Sukin products do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES),  synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, propylene glycol, artificial colours, triethanolamine, mineral oils, EDTA, or parabens.


At Swisse, we believe that health is the most important thing in our lives. It underpins everything else that is important, like friends, family, career and our dreams. Around the office, we shorten health and happiness to ‘H&H’ and it is something our people can tell you a lot about. Many decisions at Swisse are resolved by putting them to the ‘H&H’ test.

Sujon Berries

It all started with two Kiwis, Sue & John Gibb who love berries and now turned into ‘Sujon’ Which is a combination of their first names. It has grown into Australasia’s first & longest established berry company, running for over 30 years.

They have a full range of quality berries....Frozen, Powdered, Mixed, even in Capsules.

NO fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients, a 100% natural wholefood


Developed by Denie Hiestand, a natural health consultant, author, research expert, and former successful New Zealand dairy farmer, theCream has created a completely pure and natural range of skincare products which not only contained none of the harmful additives found in the majority of commercial products, but equally importantly, contained life-giving, cell nourishing ingredients which feed and nourish the skin.


The Thompson’s brand was established by the respected English herbalist M. Barrington Thompson, who opened New Zealand’s first health shop in 1951.  Today, Thompson’s is a market leader in natural healthcare in New Zealand, enjoying positive growth in Australia and exporting products around the world. In New Zealand, Thompson’s is distributed through both health food stores and pharmacies. 


Thursday Plantation

In the 1970’s Eric White became the latter-day pioneer of the Australian tea tree industry. Convinced of its applications in modern society, Eric chose the alternately floodwashed and drought-baked Bungawalbyn Swamp, near Coraki in northern NSW, for his first crops. After four years of painstaking research and lobbying, a crown lease was granted. It arrived on a Thursday in 1976….this is the day Thursday Plantation was born.

The Herb Farm

The Herb Farm is a family owned and operated business. This can be seen in the strong family values and a uncompromised commitment to natural which is at the heart of the business.Lynn and Bill Kirkland brought up their family in rural Manawatu with the philosophy of doing things as naturally as possible. After Lynn completed a herbal diploma in 1990 she began to make natural remedies from the family home. The demand for her natural and effective products grew until in 1993 The Herb Farm was established, becoming the home to the herb farm's 100% natural skincare and healthcare products.

In 2006 Sarah joined Lynn as her business partner. Sarah has a passion for the herb farm's truly natural products, the destination and an infinity with the business values has taken the business from strength to strength.

TJ Clark

T J Clark produces some of the most unique nutritional support formulae in the world, taking mainstream technology to the forefront of nutritional supplement manufacturing.
Using only high quality ingredients T J Clark economical liquid products combined to act favourably to, and in harmony with your body.


Trilogy was founded in 2002 by a couple of kiwi girls, sisters Sarah Gibbs and Catherine de Groot. Having pioneered a method of extracting the purest, most potent oil from rosehip seeds, they discovered a skin-loving wonder like nothing they’d tried before. After several months of trials and research, they knew they had a future cosmetic star on their hands.

Tui Balms

Tui Bee Balm was designed by Colin Isles, combining only natural ingredients to create a multi-purpose soothing & healing skin care balm.

For the first few years, the balms were hand-made with voluntary co-operative effort by the community residents. Over the years, new recipes were created and the range increased to include balms for specific uses as well as a range for all-over body massage.

From its humble beginnings, the co-operative has steadily grown, now providing local employment for 13 part-time staff.

At least 5% of all sales, are donated to NZ registered charitable trusts.

Vital Greens

Vital Greens was developed in 2000 by two iconic Sydney naturopaths, Shane Sullivan and Stephen Sprada. At this time Shane and Stephen noticed an influx of clients with gut, bowel and digestive problems. Many of their clients were taking large amounts of supplements, some up to 30 tablets a day. Shane and Stephen therefore created a comprehensive powder formula that addressed digestive conditions and poor absorption – and Vital Greens was born. 


Weleda passionately believe in the effectiveness of products that echo nature’s instinctive means of healing: the secret lies in potent antioxidants, soothing plant extracts, and pure, nourishing oils. It’s important to us, too, that we gather these ingredients in the gentlest way possible, in a way that pays homage to the delicate but vital relationship between humanity and our surrounding world.

X50 Green Tea

Green Tea X50 uses a sophisticated yet non-chemical extraction process on the Green Tea leaf known as Camellia Sinesis. This means in just one sachet (mixed with 600mls of water) you get the antioxidant equivalent of up to 20 cups of regular Green Tea.
Every time you drink Green Tea X50 you will help detox your liver and kidneys, protect blood cells, control cholesterol, give yourself an energy boost and stimulate your metabolism

XL-s Medical

As the No.1 weight loss brand in Europe, XLS-Medical has helped thousands of dieters achieve their weight loss goals. Although XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder is an important part of an overall weight management plan, it is not a miracle drug. Effective weight management requires long-term commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


Have you ever wondered why facilitating something as wonderfully natural as sex has to involve so many chemicals? Well, now it doesn’t.

Yes® lubricants are formulated from plant extracts to give the most natural feeling lubrication possible. Our ingredients’ track records as excellent skin foods and the reassurance of organic certification from the Soil Association (Europe’s leading certification body), ensures you will be able to enjoy our products without having to worry about synthetic additives, chemicals or animal testing.