BOTANISTRY’s goal is to make ancient traditions more conveniently accessible to modern lifestyles. BOTANISTRY dietary supplement powders are 100% natural and plant-based. They comprise of herb, spice and superfood powders purposefully selected based on Ayurvedic principles and therapeutic plants. Each blend contains five targeted plant ingredients each – non GMO, no additives or sweeteners. 

BOTANISTRY supplements are formulated by Ayurvedic practitioners, medical doctors and food technologists. The certified organic and potent ingredients are independently tested, blended and packed in New Zealand. In a powder format, they are bioavailable for maximum absorption and versatile to use. They are also family friendly and suitable for a variety of diets (gluten-free, vegan, keto, plant-based). 

What makes these Ayurvedic powders unique is they are formulated for both function and flavour, so they have health benefits while tasting good too. BOTANISTRY blends can be enjoyed in a variety of regular food and drink or in more creative recipes. From smoothies and oats, to pancakes and waffles, to cookies and raw treats, to salads and soups – the list is endless! 

Meet the four BOTANISTRY blends:
1. ACTIVE CORALS – To support with muscle recovery, joint health & body metabolism (warming cinnamon flavour) 
2. BOOSTING AMBERS – To support the body’s immune system & energy levels (tangy citrus flavour) 
3. GLOWING GREENS – To support skin health (earthy mint flavour) 
4. DIGESTIVE JADES – To support better digestion & absorption of nutrients (lemongrass ginger flavour)