GO Apple Cider Vinegar 1,000mg with Capsi-Slim

GO Healthy

GO Apple Cider Vinegar 1,000mg with Capsi-Slim

Weight management support

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60 Capsules

Dose can be increased to 2 VegeCapsules daily if required. Best taken before or after a meal, or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.


GO Healthy GO Apple Cider Vinegar with Capsi-Slim supports weight management, by providing suppport to blood glucose levels and digestion. 

The Apple Cider vinegar is made from cold pressed apple juice that has been fermented by yeast and bacteria, which turns the sugars into alcohol. It then undergoes a second fermentation process in which the alcohol is converted into acetic acid. This fermentation process accounts for the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar and is the reason why Apple Cider Vinegar is able to lower cholesterol, keep blood sugar levels stable and relieve acid reflux.

Capsimax® provides a way to consume large amounts of red pepper. Red pepper or even supplements with high doses of capsaicinoids, can be too hot for most digestive tracts to handle. Without the proper coating, capsicum can cause considerable oral and gastric distress. The revolutionary Capsimax® difference offers a concentrated highly-active, natural capsicum delivering the red hot benefits of capsicum but without the burn. 
What makes award-winning Capsimax® different from other capsicum ingredientsis it's patented OmniBead™ technology, which was created by OmniActive Health Technologies, an innovator in ingredients for dietary supplements. OmniBead™ beadlets encapsulate natural capsicum in a controlled-release coating, delivering effective levels of capsaicinoids without the oral and gastric burning sensation of unprotected red hot peppers. Capsimax’s outer coating can withstand the level of acids found in our stomachs. Therefore, Capsimax® passes through the stomach and releases the capsicum into the lower parts of the intestine, where it is completely broken down. 
The capsaicinoids in Capsimax® support energy production by promoting healthy metabolism and the mobilization of fats for energy production (a process called lipolysis). Although our bodies prefer to use carbohydrates for energy, we can only store a limited amount of carbohydrate for that purpose. Once we’ve used up that supply, we need to start breaking down the fat we’ve stored. The process by which we start to break down that fat is called lipolysis. The more fat we use to produce energy, the less fat that we’ll store away. 
Capsaicinoids can help this process since they support the mobilization of fats for energy. Capsimax® promotes thermogenesis by generating heat in the body which increases metabolic rate.


  • Provides high strength, naturally fermented Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Provides all the benefits and goodness, without the unpleasant taste or smell
  • Supports healthy weight management, blood sugar balance and digestive vitality
  • One Capsule is equivalent to 10ml of ACV and the convenience of a 1-A-Day dose

Each capsule contains, 

Apple Cider Vinegar powder 1,000mg
 - Equiv. to Acetic Acid 350mg
Capsimax® 10mg
 - Equiv. to capsicum annum fruit dry 40mg
 - Equiv. to capsaicinoids 0.2mg
Not to be taken during pregnancy or lactation. 

Always read the label and take only as directed in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise.

MEDICINE INTERACTIONS: If taking prescription medication or if in doubt, please consult your Healthcare Professional.