Gut Repair Zone


Gut Repair Zone

Supports intestinal wall repair and health, to prevent leaky gut syndrome

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400g Powder


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Magic Powder!
Would recommend - yes

magic powder! I have recently been suffering from stomach aches & pains over six month-1yr period. I had been taking Lemon Juice & green tea also apple cider vinegar, which has helped during these pains. I have also been taking walks around the block to activate my digestive following my meals this helped, but still suffered pains and aches regularly which caused irritable sleeps, where i couldn't go to work. I have been taking the gut repair for the last 3wks with fruit/juice and almond milk and have not suffered any aches or pains since. It will definitely clean your bowels out most days but feels great! I am no longer suffering bloating and my stomach feels flat and light. cheers

*Results may vary from Customer to Customer

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Best Purchase Ever
Would recommend - yes

This tastes amazing and the only thing I have found that settles my digestive issues. Life changing

*Results may vary from Customer to Customer

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Found Quite Helpful
Would recommend - yes

Doesn't taste nice & definitely needs to be put through the blender. I found putting a scoop in raw milk and blending it with a handful of blueberries made it taste much better. Definitely helped my guts. Bloating much reduced. Would recommend.

*Results may vary from Customer to Customer

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Heally Helps
Would recommend - yes

I was recommended this by Tracy and found it really help with energy and digestion. It was a bit hard to get down as the taste is not great but certainly works.

*Results may vary from Customer to Customer

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Adults; One scoop (provided) daily, children 5-9 1/2 scoop once daily. Mix in 200ml of water or juice or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Best mixed with shaker or blender.


Exclusive to Health 2000, the Health Zone range is a high quality health supplement line. 

HealthZone Gut Repair Zone includes a comprehensive range of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to support intestinal bowel wall health and repair. Suitable for people with a tendency for bowel irregularities and digestive bloating and discomfort. 

We suggest the use of Bowel Zone to help clear the bowel prior to taking Gut Repair Zone, and then to repopulate the stomach and intestine with Super Probiotic Zone, which provides the gut with beneficial bacteria. 


  • Repair and maintain intestinal wall health
  • Set the environment for healthy stomach bacteria
  • Antioxidants to soothe bowel lining
  • Increase normal cell production
  • Easy to take mixed berry flavour

 One level scoop (20g) contains,   
 Soy protein 11.29g
 Citrus pectin cellulose 1.97g
 Frutooligosaccharides 1.75g
 L-glutamine 1.54g
 Berry flavour 1.13g
 Guar gum 1.05g
 Lecithin 0.55g
 Psyllium seed powder 100.62mg
 L-lysine 95.88mg
 Calcium carbonate 84.47mg
  - elemental calcium 33.8mg
 Bromelain 80.25mg
 Magnesium carbonate 64.8mg
  - elemental magnesium 18.7mg 
 L-glycine 61.99mg
 Stevia 56.37mg
 Dibasic calcium phosphate 33.72mg
  - elemental calcium 9.93mg 
  - elemental phosphorus 7.68mg 
 Vitamin C 30.73mg
 L-cystine 25.61mg
 Potassium orotate 22.67mg 
  - elemental potassium 4.56mg 
 Green tea extract 22.65mg
 Quercetin 22.48mg
 Grape seed extract 8.78mg
 Vitamin E 8.08mg
 Niacinamide 5.27mg
 Zinc gluconate 4.74mg
  - elemental zinc 0.68mg
 Papain 3.69mg
 Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) 1.39mg
 Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 1.35mg
 Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCI) 1.23mg
 Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 0.88mg  
 Probiotic rice bran 0.53mg
 Copper gluconate 351.21mcg 
  - elemental copper 49.18mcg
 Chromium chelate (GTF chromium) 16.86mcg
 Beta carotene 14.93mcg
 Selenium chelate  10.36mcg
 - from 0.2% selenium aminoate  
 Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalmin) 1.58mcg 


Amino acids

 Glutamic acid 2.93g
 Glutamine 1.55g
 Aspartic acid 698.8mg
 Leucine 679.6mg
 Arginine 649.6mg
 Valine 488mg
 Alanine 440.8mg
 Phenylalanine 424mg
 Glycine 409.2mg
 Tyrosine 408mg
 Serine 308.8mg
 Proline 373.2mg
 Lysine 330.4mg
 Isoleucine 329.6mg
 Threonine 280.8mg
 Methionine 229.6mg
 Cysteine 211.6mg
 Histidine 175.2mg
 Tryptophan 102.4mg

Not suitable for pregnant women

Contains phenylalanine (Phenylketonurics)

Contains soy