Vitamin C Zone


Vitamin C Zone

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Trusted Vitamin C
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Helps against winter colds and keeps me at work

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Take 1-3 capsules with food daily.


HealthZone Vitamin C Zone is a balanced and complete vitamin C complex with botanical bioflavonoids which are important antioxidants assisting immunity. Vitamin C Zone also supports wound healing, skin elasticity, and blood vessel health.

This is an ideal supplement for those who have busy lifestyles with immunity and skin issues, and is also useful to help improve gum health, due to it anti-inflammatory properties. 


  • Provides Vitamin C, essential for immune health
  • Supports wound healing and fighting infection
  • Supports blood vessel health.

Each capsule contains,    
Vitamin C (natural ascorbic acid)  231mg 
Ascorbyl palmitate (natural)  48mg 
Lemon bioflavonoid complex  204mg 
Acerola cherry (natural concentrate)  20.3mg 
Rosehip (natural extract)  20.3mg 
Rutin (extracted from the flower buds of the pagoda tree)  20mg 
A high intake of vitamin C can cause diarrhoea. If this occurs, reduce amount taken until diarrhoea stops.