Cold & Cough

Kidz Minerals

Cold & Cough

Supports children through winters ills and chills

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Either this has worked or it's a complete coincidence that I haven't heard my daughter cough at night and her mucus has cleared up! It's not ideal having to serve out 4 tablets a day, and I don't always remember to. Good to have peace for her from her long term cough! Would buy again

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4 times daily. For sudden onset: Take every half hour (up to 6 doses) until symptoms improve (for max of 2 days)


Kiz Cold and Cough Relief is a formula that may strengthen the child's immune system allowing them to fight off conditions common to children during the winter season.
Kidz Minerals Cough & Cold relief may be used at the first sign of winters ills and chills developing, or for ongoing use throughout the winter months to maintain wellbeing.
Kidz minerals are 100% natural, fast and easy to absorb. They are chewable and dissolvable making them easy to administer and very effective for acute and chronic conditions and for prevention, and they taste GREAT!


  • Support for coughs and mucous discharge
  • Helps relieve sore and inflamed throat from inflamed or enlarged tonsils
  • Support against loss of smell and taste

Each tablet contains,  
Ferr Phos (Ferric pyrophosphate) 250ng
Kali Mur Potassium chloride) 250ng
Kali Sulph (Potassium sulphate) 250ng
Nat Mur (Sodium chloride) 250ng
Always read the label and use only as directed.
If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.
Chew tablets or crush and dissolve in water.
For infants add a few drops of water to crushed tablet and mix into a paste, administer paste to mouth with dummy, spoon, finger etc.