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Health 2000 was founded in 1993 out of a need to provide the health retail sector with a level of professionalism and a serious marketing edge. The group is made up of members who have a passion and belief in natural health. While not a pre-requisite to belonging to the group many of our members are naturopaths, homoeopaths, herbal specialists or sports therapists.

If you think you have what it takes and would like to take on the challenge of running your own Health Store under the guidance of the Health 2000 banner, please contact



Seeking interested parties


If you are interested in purchasing the Health 2000 store in Oamaru please contact Stephen Robertson at or phone 0274 731 112 or check out the listing on the LJ Hooker Commercial Site Here


If you are interested in purchasing the Health 2000 store in Westport please contact Mike Rollo from Harcourts Nelson via email at or phone (03) 548 3034 or mobile 027 4352 927.


If you are interested in purchasing the Health 2000 store in Greymouth please contact Stan Hyde at or phone (03) 768 4066


Where caring comes naturally

Health 2000 is a co-operative business model for people who are passionate about improving Kiwis’ health.

With people more acutely conscious of their wellbeing than ever, Health 2000 are seeing growing demand for their products – and that means new opportunities for people to join the group nationwide.

Health 2000 was established in 1993, giving it a long-established reputation with 52 stores around New Zealand. Using quality products sourced from nature, and with an attractive national loyalty system, the company helps their customers live a healthy life whether by helping with sickness or assisting those who recognise that prevention is better than cure.

‘We are the only chain dedicated to the health sector,’ says Duncan Gray, who owns two stores in Nelson. ‘What we are looking for is people passionate about improving the health of the nation while running a very profitable and rewarding business.’

Duncan has been deeply involved in the industry since he was eleven. ‘My parents had a health shop, and when I was about 15 they were invited to join the Health 2000 group. Nearly 30 years and 2 stores later, I’m still here – and I have no plans to change that, either!’

Best of both worlds

‘Health 2000 is a 100 percent Kiwi-owned and operated co-operative – a model which works very well for the group,’ explains Duncan, who sits on the co-operative’s board. ‘It gives us the best of both worlds: as a large group run by our members, we have the ability to negotiate better deals with all our major suppliers, which is a big commercial advantage over an independent operator. Our members have marketing, HR and IT support on tap, which is invaluable, and profits are shared with members or invested back into the group.

‘We currently have a mixture of owner/operator stores, company-owned stores and a batch of joint ventures. The model works well because it allows people keen to get into the sector to start by managing a company-owned store then take over ownership having accumulated all the knowledge and/or finance needed. New owners are also welcome.’

Wide range of products and services

Health 2000 deals in the widest possible range of health products from dietary supplements to treatments for topical application and alternatives to harsh household chemicals. Many stores offer a variety of additional in-house services ranging from acupuncture to zinc testing, via aromatherapy and blood pressure testing. ‘The range is up to the individual owner to organise, depending on local demand, and generates additional income,’ says Duncan. ‘We don’t expect them to be experts in all of the treatments that are possible, but being able to give an early indicator helps our customers to improve the quality of their lives.

‘All our members have a true passion for natural health,’ says Duncan. ‘We are not an ordinary retailer; our product range and the advice we give requires an intimate knowledge of our wares. Education, both of our group and of our customers, is key to the health of the co-operative and goes back to our very roots.’

Given this, it’s no surprise that Health 2000 is picky about both its people and its products. ‘Everything we sell goes through our Product Advisory Group, made up of four or five of our members, and their role is to assess the suitability of every new product. Our ideal is to have our own brands in-house and, of course to seek exclusive products that our customers can only get through us.

‘In the same way, our board interviews every prospective new member for their suitability, passion for the role and whether their ethics and morals align with ours. Members include naturopaths, homoeopaths, herbal specialists and sports therapists, although qualifications are not a pre-requisite to joining.’

All around the country

Currently, Health 2000 is seeking to fill several areas – particularly Invercargill and Southland, parts of Canterbury and Tauranga – as well as opening more stores in Auckland. ‘There are several other areas available as well, including some existing company-owned stores,’ says Duncan.

‘Investment levels start from $70,000, and owners can enjoy the financial rewards of owning their own business while knowing they are improving their customers’ health. We are a low fee model so the biggest items will be store fit-out and initial stock.

‘The key question is whether you have the passion for this business. It is very much about education. Over the years some very strong relationships have been formed with our customers, and there is a great deal of responsibility attached, but equally the satisfaction is immeasurable. We take pride in knowing we are helping people to lead a healthier and happier life. Natural health has been a growth industry for many years and will continue for many more.

‘If you are passionate about looking after yourself, and want others to do the same, then we can offer you support and knowledge that are second-to-none. To find out more about New Zealand’s only dedicated health store chain, give us a call.’   


Article published in the Franchise New Zealand magazine.