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Congratulations to august's winner...

Leeann for her review for Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium

SUN 28/08/2016

'This is by far the best! I've tried numerous types but nothing compares to this. Excellent for Essential Tremors, keeping relaxed and calm and good for de-cluttering busy minds. Recommend for all magnesium deficiencies...'

Ethical Nutrients, Mega Magnesium
Congratulations to July's winner...

Katie for her review for My Colloidal Silver

MON 4/07/2016

'I first bought this as it was recommended to me to use for the eczma I get on my eyes. I now use it on my face as a "toner" after cleansing and before moisturising. It has so many uses and is worth the money!'

Congratulations to June's winner...

Petra for her review for theCream Body

THU 02/06/2016

'This cream is incredible. It renews, heals and rejuvenates my skin and is way superior than anything else I have used in 40 years. It is revolutionary and has the science to back it up. It is a very soothing for sunburn, dermatitis, and dry skin in particular. It is the healthiest product I have ever used and does not have any chemicals, just pure and natural and I can trust it every time. Thank you!'

Congratulations to mAY's winner...

Chantae for her review for Good Health Magnesium Cream

FRI 13/05/2016

'I got a free sample of this magnesium cream and I have very sore shoulder so I thought I would give it a go. Wow it helped with the pain I am amazed.'

Good Health, Magnesium Cream, Cramps, Strains
Congratulations to APRIL's winner...

Alyse for her review for GO Healthy GO Fish Oil 1,500mg Odourless

MON 04/04/2016

'A year ago my friend suggested taking fish oil tablets to help with joint pains; my hips in particular. Since then I have taken 1-2 capsules daily, relieving any aches in my joints and I really notice the difference if I forget to take them for a few days. I've managed to hook my dad onto them, now working on mum! Highly recommend to anyone of any age (note I'm 29 years old)!'

Congratulations to march's winner...

Vickie for her review for Living Nature's Pure Honey Foundation

TUES 01/03/2016

'Love what they are doing, all the other cosmetics companies put harmful chemicals in their makeup and test on animals, finally found one that doesn't, so gonna keep using it and it looks really nice and shimmery on too!'

Congratulations to febuary's winner...

 Christine for her review for LIGHTHOUSE Superfoods Greens + Berries

MON 08/02/2016

'This is the first time that I have purchased this product but have found it a wonderful addition to my morning smoothie. It provides all of the vitamins and greens that are essential for my well-being and adds flavour to my smoothie mix of frozen berries and banana'

Congratulations to january's winner...

 Eloise for her review for Balance Whey Protein WPC/WPI - Vanilla 

WED 13/01/2016

'I was recommended this product by a nutritionist to use in a breakfast smoothie instead of my traditional carb-breakfast. After 3 weeks of making this change I was reweighed and by also adding a protein bar instead of a muffin for morning tea, I have lost 1 kg a week and my clothes are looser. Great product, am hooked!'

Congratulations to DECEMber's winner...

 Helen for her review for Lifestream Bowel Biotics + High Fibre Powder

TUES 22/12/2015

'I had been diagnosed with a type of colitis over a year ago and found that taking Bowel Biotics made a positive difference immediately. Not the choicest of taste sensations but that is a vey minor grizzle considering the health benefits! Prompt delivery too.'

Congratulations to NOVEMber's winner...

 Tracey for her review for Red Seal Activated Charcoal

TUES 3/11/2015

'I bought these tablets after seeing an article on Facebook that said activated charcoal is good for whitening teeth. I opened 4 capsules and tipped the charcoal into a saucer and dipped a wet toothbrush into it. I brushed my teeth with it several times. It definitely works. My teeth are whiter. I will probably do it once per week from now on. '

Congratulations to october's winner...

 Mandy for her review for Nature's Way Slippery Elm Bark

THURS 22/10/2015

'Have only been using this a week but it has definitely eased the pain with my stomach ulcer. I also have Crohns Disease and IBS. It has helped with the Crohns I think but I am still occasionally having bad stomach cramps after having a bad reaction a fortnight ago to a takeaway burger. I don't expect the Slippery Elm to cure me in 10 seconds though so will keep taking it regularly and hopefully I will continue to improve.I would say that these capsules are very big and you have to take them with warm water, presumably so they start to melt on the way down and get a chance to coat all of your insides?? '

Congratulations to september's winner...
Chrissy for her review for the theCream Facial Serum

Fri 4/09/2015

'Within 12 Hours I noticed a great difference! Purchased this last week, having used a lot of creams over the years and also having dry skin due to eczema I was hoping this would be ok to use. I used in conjunction with the face cream and difference is amazing, skin is softer and smoother, feels great, its light, non greasy, perfect. Highly recommend it to anyone. Will most defiantly be telling friends and family and buying more!'

Congratulations to august's winner...
Christine for her review for the Nature's Way System Well Immunity

Fri 21/08/2015

'After many bouts of chest infections and pneumonia my lungs are now scared and will probably never regain their best. I have used this product every day for the last 7 years and this is what saves me from more lung complications. Every time I feel run down or on the verge of the flu I increase the dose and it goes away. This is the best product ever and is beneficial for all who take it.'

Congratulations to july's winner...
Cushla for her review for  Good Health Magnesium Ultra (now Organic Magnesium Ultra

Thurs 23/07/2015

'This is a great product, I have been using it for quite awhile now and it does wonders for my sleep. I really notice a difference if I miss out on my daily dose (I take one tablet every night). Highly recommened this product and as always with Health 2000 fast delivery and a great price!'

Congratulations to june's winner...
Jessica for her review for Weleda Echinacea/Thuja Comp 

Thurs 04/06/2015

'I love this product. After a good week of winter nastiness , ear infection and trying to battle my 2 year old to get antibiotics in, I was frayed around the edges for sure! The wonderful staff recommended this product along with the ear drops and the ear infection oral drops and the difference was night and day. For one, no fighting! My 2 year old took the drops straight from the spoon and even asks for more! Same with the ear drops; no fussing! He recovered quickly from that point, I wish I had done it earlier and kept the antibiotics as a just in case! Now I give him a little every day to really help fortify his natural immunity and this is ALWAYS in my health first aid kit.'

Congratulations to MAY's winner...
Sarah for her review for Vital Greens

Thurs 16/05/2015

'A good cheat for getting all the goodness into a smoothie! If I don't have any other fruit or veges during the day I don't feel too guilty because I know how much nutrience is in Vital Greens.'

Congratulations to april's winner...
Sew for her review for Kiwi Herb De-Stuff

Thurs 16/04/2015

'This is amazing... I have a 10 year old son who was born at 23 weeks and he gets colds really really easily. he always starts with a post nasal drip which ends up in croup and chest infections... I had tried nearly everything on the market naturally you could offer a child and finally Health 2000 suggested this so i thought I would give the De-stuff a go ......it worked..:) the last time he had a snotty nose I gave it to him as per directions and the next day his nose was clear..... amazing.... it has worked every time... a definite keeper in the cupboard for winter..... thanks health 2000 and kiwiherb... my son has had so many better days since being on this product....'


Congratulations to march's winner...
Amanda for her review for theCream Face

Mon 16/03/2015

'I LOVE this product (as the review title suggests)! I have sensitive and dry skin - prior to trying this product I have always used heavy creams to moisturise to combat dryness, this has resulted in my skin feeling clogged and greasy. the Cream face moisturiser is not only light and beautiful to wear - it also seems to have improved the condition of my skin when I have not moisturised. Some say that it is expensive, however I find that a 50ml pack will last me a couple of months if not longer. The only thing I would suggest to people wanting to try this product is to buy an addtional back up pack as it is difficult to know when you are about to run out of the Cream - this can't be helped however as the packaging it is in enables the product to last longer without preservatives and chemicals to keep it fresh.'


Congratulations to February's winner...
Cherry for her review for the  GO Healthy GO Cholesterol Shield

WED 11/02/2015

'Feel so much better, not getting a full feeling after meals and my circulation seems easier. Have not had my Cholesterol levels checked yet as have only used one bottle, but after this next bottle will venture in to check it out. Have a good diet but our family seems to have a genetic propensity for high cholesterol'

Congratulations to january's winner...
Frank for his review for the Nordic Natural Ultimate Omega

THU 08/01/2015

'I really noticed the effectiveness of this product when I stopped taking it for a few weeks. well worth the price'

Congratulations to december's winner...
Mary for her review for the Good Health Body Cleanse

SAT 08/11/2014

'The good health naturopath recommended this body cleanse to me. It is surprisingly effective. The kit contains two sets of tablets, one for fibre and the other to support bowel and liver function. I could feel the difference and it was an easy 7 day cleanse. At the end I felt really good and had toned up around my waist. You are recommended to have a week off alcohol, which I did, and to eat a lighter diet. The end results are worth it and have helped me commit to a healthier lifestyle and weight loss.'

Congratulations to november's winner...
Rom for her review for the Radiance Tart Cherry Sleep

SAT 08/11/2014

'I first started using Tart Cherry Sleep three years ago when I was having to use prescription sleeping pills to allay anxiety attacks and have a good nights sleep when training for Iron Man. I now use them every night, two pills, and have no further problems sleeping. If I do wake up I go straight back to sleep and no longer suffer anxiety attacks as I used to prior to using sleeping pills. They do not suit everybody but they sure do suit me.'


Congratulations to October's winner...
Trina for her review for the My Colloidal Silver

Fri 10/10/2014

'This needs to be kept in your medical cabinet at all times.My daughter had coldsores and school sores together, and the antibiotic cream was not working. We were recommended this product and her lips have healed. Daughter 2 had a little dry cough, I made her spray her throat 4-5 times a day. The next day not one cough. Try this product first, for you won't be disappointed. I will always have this in my household, and were using it next winter to keep the bugs away. At twenty dollars a bottle, its a very cheap investment.'

Congratulations to september's winner...
Claire for her review for the Lifestream Certified Organic Spirulina

Fri 26/08/2014

'MANY years ago I was having great trouble trying to recover from a particularly bad dose of the flu. I mean REAL flu here, not just a bad cold etc. After six weeks with no improvement I was wondering what to do about it. I met up with an older woman in the supermarket, having a moan to her. She told me I needed GREEN SPEED. I had no idea what she meant until she said SPIRULINA. So I popped in to Health 2000 & they recommended Lifestream. Within a week I was feeling SO much better. As a result I now take 6 tabs every day & haven't had a cold or flu for years. Speaks for itself really doesn't it. Thanx Lifestream :) '

Congratulations to august's winner...
Martine for her review for the HealthZone Muscle Zone

Wed 27/08/2014

'This product has been a god-send for our 9 year old daughter. She used to suffer terribly from growing pains (especially behind the knees), would wake up during the night in pain, it would happen at least weekly for our fast-growing, tall girl. Was recommended this product at your Albany store and she hasn't had a single growing pain since she started taking the capsules...BRILLIANT!! Can totally recommend this product as it's worked for us. Thank you :)'

Congratulations to july's winner...
Jae for her review for the Antipodes Light Facial Day Cream

Sun 13/07/2014

'The Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Daycream is a lightweight cream that melts into your skin, is super nourishing with a devine almond and vanilla fragrance. It contains natural ingredients and has the beautiful bonus of being organic. Comes packaged in an easy to use tube that allows for a small amount to be extracted which is all that is required. A Superstar product that is a pleasure to use. .'

Congratulations to june's winner...
Aroha for her review for the Weleda Nursing Tea Bags

Fri 13/06/2014

Once I was over the shock of watching my milk supply slowly dwindle, I jumped online to see what could be done to increase the amount I'm pumping. I came across this product and ordered it in the hopes that I would see results (very quickly!). I ordered the tea in the afternoon and it arrived the next day. I love herbal teas so after a few sips I had adjusted to flavour of this blend. Its not unpleasant in any way but after brewing for 5 mins (as per the instructions), there is a depth to it that can take some getting used to. I'm now on day 3 and I'm happy to say I've gone from a measly 60ml pump (at best) to 120mls. Before my supply dwindled, I was pumping 150-180ml on my days at work and I'm confident that this tea will help me to get there (if not increase my supply even more). I'm very happy with the results and I will be purchasing this product again.'

Congratulations to may's winner...
Mary for her review for the Goodhealth B Stress Free

Fri 30/05/2014

'I'm very happy using Goodhealth B stress free tablets. I was recommended them by one of the Goodhealth naturopaths about two years ago and have used them regularly since. Along with the Magnesium supplements they really do support energy with the nutrients they supply. I'm not a huge alcohol user but when I do endulge I find one of these B's before bed with water really helps recovery the next day. I'm a busy nurse and they are a go to product for me'

Congratulations to april's winner...
Glenda for her review for the GO Healthy GO Probiotic

Wed 9/04/2014

'This product was recommended by my Bowen Therapist to control my IBS symptoms. I was on antibiotics so took 2 at night until I was off them then one nightly since. I can't believe the difference after two months as my symptoms have settled dramatically. Great they can be kept out of the fridge for when we are travelling.'
Congratulations to march's winner...
Leanne for her review for the LIGHTHOUSE Garcinia Cambogia

Fri 28 Mar 2014

'On 2nd bottle and what a difference. Not eating so much, not craving sweet treats so much. Only time will tell full extent of outcome but hoping positively. Will deal with your company again for sure. Fastest and Promptest by far. Thank you'
Congratulations to february's winner...
Linda for her review for the Nutra-Life Meno Life

Sat 8 Feb, 2014

'Finally, a product that really works! I was getting constant hourly hot flushes and feeling lethargic. I have been taking Meno-Life for two weeks and feel so much better. Only get a few daily now and not neally so intense as they were. I will definitely keep taking this product.'
Congratulations to january's winner...
Olivia for her review for HealthZone Skin, Hair & Nails Zone

Fri 31 Jan, 2014

'These supplements really made a difference to my skin, hair and nails. My nails are much stronger and visibly less bumpy. My skin is smoother and softer. It hasn't made much of a difference to my hair, but that could be because I haven't been using this product for long enough. The pills are easy to take, and don't have any aftertaste. I'd definitely recommend them and I'll be going back to buy a second lot!'
Congratulations to december's winner...
Sarah for her review for Goodhealth Flaxomega Organic Flaxseed Oil

Wed 18 Dec, 2013

'I really like this product! I take a teaspoon every night after my dinner, and I find that my face is radiant and it really helped my skin. I think this oil has a unique taste to it which I really enjoy. It's sort of like the goodness of greens (flax included) all in one shot! I've recommended Flaxomega to my close family, and they've started taking little doses of it too. I will be taking it with me on my Christmas holidays :-) '
Congratulations to November's winner...
Kathleen for her review for Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream

Thurs 28 Nov, 2013

'This cream is not only lovely and rich but the earthy fragrance of it makes it special. The Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Cream every night seems to comfort and help me somehow with a recent stressful time in my life. Thank you'
Congratulations to October's winner...
Cherrelle for her review for Good Health Opti CoQ10 150mg 

Sun 27 Oct, 2013

'Absolutely professional online service with easy instructions for purchasing products. Delivery was super quick and would not hesitate to recommend to everyone. Thanks a million'

Congratulations to September's winner...
Steph for her review for Martin and Pleasance Allergy Relief

Tues 17 Sept, 2013

Purchased this for my partner to help his allergies as he found regular antihistamines made him very sleepy (even the non-drowsy ones). He has had great success using it, and as he works outdoors it's been very helpful. I would recommend anyone to try this out. I will be ordering more soon!

Congratulations to August's winner...

Clarinda for her review for Balance 100% Whey Protein - Cookies and Cream

Fri Aug 9, 2013

I started going to the gym and this product was suggested to me for protein shakes. I've tried other brands but noting compares to this brand. The flavours are great and the texture is great and not grainy like some. Cookies and cream is my favourite. This product is great as a low fat meal replacement or for pre or post workout sessions. I just love it!

Congratulations to July's winner...
Christine for her review on Sleepdrops for Babies

Wed Jul 3, 2013

My almost 3 month old baby never sleeps well at night. I decided to try SleepDrops, as I have heard good things from it. Just after a couple of days, my little darling slept for 5 hours! I'm so glad I bought SleepDrops. Not only is my baby getting proper sleep at night, but me & my partner as well! I highly recommend this product.

Congratulations to June's winner...
Jane for her review on Supreme Biotech Curamin
Tues, June 4, 2013
I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis at the age of 9 when I had my first operation. Over the years I have suffered from varying degrees of pain and taken lots of painkillers. At my worst I was taking large amounts of panadol, ibuprofen, norflex, codeine and sleeping tablets to try and control the pain and get some sleep. Recently I tried Curamin and found it to be very successful in controlling my pain levels. It doesn't have the side effects that prescription medicines have and allows me to function normally throughout the day and get sleep at night due to lack of pain. I have no problem recommending this for anyone suffering from pain or chronic pain.

 Emily for her review on Malcolm K Harker Healing Salve

Wed, May 29, 2013

'Fantastic service, great product. Only thing that helps my eczema.'

Nikz for her review on Welada Baby Teething Powder

Wed, Apr 24, 2013

This is the best teething product I have ever used. It's all natural and you can give it to your baby dry on a teaspoon easily. It stopped my baby dribbling and is the only product I've tried that works.


for her review on Living Nature Radiance Night Oil

"Changed my skin for the better!"

Mon Mar 25, 2013

'I bought this Living Nature Night Oil a couple months ago, after having my first facial. They recommended Living Nature for a more organic, replenishing treatment for my skin. I left the facial without purchasing because I thought it was a little too expensive, however, as soon as I got home I regretted it. This oil is the most incredible and accessible product on the market. A little goes a long way – I've been using a little every night since the start of 2013 and I've still got about 3/4! I've recommended this to all my friends, my mum and aunties. All have experienced wonderful things; my skin is soft and clear, with mum's being more youthful. A wonderful product and well worth the investment


Amanda Pearson Darcey
 for her review on Dolphin Clinic Essential Oil Electric Vaporiser

"Best purchase ever"

Wed Feb 27, 2013

'This is a great product, easy to use and smells beautiful when oils are added. Also great if someone has a cold you can add a few drops of olbas oil, helps you to breathe easier if your nose is blocked.'


Gina Hanrahan
 for her review on Trilogy Everything Balm 95ml


Wed Jan 30, 2013

"Everything Balm is an apt name for this marvellous cream. I use it on any skin blemish, anywhere on the body. It heals really fast, & is very soothing on abrasions & chafing. If I run out of Night Cream I use Everything Balm on my face at bedtime. A great moisturiser to keep lips soft. It softens hard skin on elbows & dry feet. Whenever I travel to tropical countries my Everything Balm goes with me. The 95 ml size lasts me for ages & is the most economical size for me. My daughters know I appreciate the versatility of Everything Balm, & I'm always thrilled to receive it as a gift for birthdays or Mother's Day."


Trina for her review for the My Colloidal Silver

Fri 10/10/2014

'This needs to be kept in your medical cabinet at all times.My daughter had coldsores and school sores together, and the antibiotic cream was not working. We were recommended this product and her lips have healed. Daughter 2 had a little dry cough, I made her spray her throat 4-5 times a day. The next day not one cough. Try this product first, for you won't be disappointed. I will always have this in my household, and were using it next winter to keep the bugs away. At twenty dollars a bottle, its a very cheap investment.'

Trina for her review for the My Colloidal Silver

Fri 10/10/2014

'This needs to be kept in your medical cabinet at all times.My daughter had coldsores and school sores together, and the antibiotic cream was not working. We were recommended this product and her lips have healed. Daughter 2 had a little dry cough, I made her spray her throat 4-5 times a day. The next day not one cough. Try this product first, for you won't be disappointed. I will always have this in my household, and were using it next winter to keep the bugs away. At twenty dollars a bottle, its a very cheap investment.'