A revolution in mood and immunity hits the shelves

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Living in the modern world is not an easy place for some of us – in fact, at times it can even be hard just to turn the knob and walk out the door into everything that life entails. The pressure of work, family commitments, studying for exams, or the expectations we place on ourselves can feel huge.  
If you are sensitive to the effects of stressful times, there can be physical reminders that you are just not coping. You might find it difficult to concentrate, feel overwhelmed, take out your stress on other people, or suffer from tummy upsets and nausea that send you running to the bathroom at regular intervals. Often your immunity is affected, leaving you prone to the circulating ills and chills. If this isn’t you, how can you support those who experience these effects to enhance their quality of life? The key is getting back to really enjoying each day.

The hot topic for research at the moment is probiotics and the effects specific strains have on your health and wellbeing. We have long understood that good bacteria can have a positive effect on your digestion, bowel health, skin health and immunity. Now research is expanding to include new exciting areas of possible health support.

Lifestream have launched a new member of their premium advanced probiotic range in line with the clinical research around probiotics supporting the brain-gut axis, the two-way highway between your digestive system and the emotional centres in your brain. These specific strains contained in Lifestream Advanced Probiotics Mood + Immune have been researched and proven to support healthy mood, less days off sick, and less digestive upsets during stressful times. What a revolution! One of the advantages of this formula is that it doesn’t make you feel sleepy as some herbs and medications can. It is also suitable for the younger members of the family who may be finding things like school or exams a bit stressful.   

With the majority of your immunity coming from your gut, it makes sense that supporting a healthy immune response would come from supporting your digestive tract with good bacteria. It is a bit more of a leap to realise that probiotics can support a healthy mood. However, the exciting finds from the clinical studies showed positive results in this area, with additionally less digestive upsets usually experienced during those stressful times.  

Lifestream Advanced Probiotics Mood + Immune is shelf stable so you can take them with you wherever your life journey unfolds. Let’s celebrate the good times, create wonderful memories, and feel vibrantly healthy every minute of every day!


Karin Spicer N.D

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