New Year pros for your metabolism

Friday, December 22, 2017
It’s been a warm start to summer so far with an early dip into the wardrobe for singlets and shorts.  
Traditionally, the end of year festive season brings us sugar laden treats, chocolates by the box, heavy and delicious feasts, and liquid refreshments of the calorific kind. This can mean waking up on 1st January with a desire to make drastic changes in your life to shape up your health and fitness regime. After the initial flurry of intense effort, it is common for the enthusiasm and motivation to disappear, leaving new trainers and feelings of guilt in its place.

Sustained benefits for getting in shape and staying healthy are about what you do every day, not just in short term, frantic bursts. It’s about creating balance in your life and looking at the bigger picture. Research is continually uncovering new ways to support a healthy metabolism if you have struggled to get this balance in the past.  

Why not try something different this year? Set some achievable goals so you are more likely to stay on track, make practical life choices designed to create balance, and take a look at the new product from Lifestream to support healthy weight management.

Lifestream Advanced Probiotics Metabolise is a clinically-researched formula containing a team of seven powerful strains of beneficial bacteria and the prebiotic FOS. Research shows that these specific strains of beneficial bacteria together support healthy BMI measurements for weight management.  

Lifestream Advanced Probiotics Metabolise supports balanced blood sugar levels, especially if you are struggling with naturally balancing your metabolism, healthy cholesterol levels, and healthy liver enzyme levels so fat can be metabolised in your liver and used as energy. The inclusion of the prebiotic FOS supports the growth of good bacteria in your gut for digestive health and healthy bowel motions.

Lifestream Advance Probiotics Metabolise  supports balance in just two small capsules taken after a main meal each day, combined with a healthy and balanced diet.   To achieve best results, include Lifestream Advance Probiotics Metabolise with a healthy water consumption of six to eight glasses a day, and combine with moderate exercise three to four times a week.


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