Struggling with recurring lip health concerns?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Don’t despair! Lysine with olive leaf extract is the solution, internally and externally.

Lysine is a protein and one of nine essential amino acids. Lysine competes with arginine absorption into your bloodstream to support your immune system, as it is a natural building block for healthy immune system cells.

Lysine has many other benefits including collagen production, digestive enzyme support, hormonal support, tissue growth and repair, but it plays a major role in general immune system health. Essential amino acids like lysine need to be replaced regularly to support this, as they are not produced by the body naturally. The herbal extract of olive leaf is a traditional herb that has been used for thousands of years and has shown to be effective in supporting everyday immune function and health. Together, both lysine and olive leaf are very effective at supporting your immune system, especially lip health immune concerns and the recovery process.

VIRALEX® LYSINE is a combination formula, providing the immune benefits of both lysine and olive leaf extract. Lysine is a protein that supports the immune system and lip health concerns, while olive leaf is a traditional herb providing an antioxidant benefit, to naturally boost immunity and support recovery.

VIRALEX® LYSINE OINTMENT is a nourishing treatment for lip health, using a formulation of potent herbs combined with lysine and zinc, to naturally protect and soothe dry and cracked lips. Viralex® Lysine ointment can be used long term for everyday support and maintenance.

So, make sure you stock up on Viralex® Lysine Tablets and Viralex® Lysine Ointment – the perfect duo for healthy lips.


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