Weight Management

It's no understatement that weight management is big business.

Nearly every infomercial you see on TV tells you how by wearing these pants, or using this blender will result in you being able to ride a bike, play better tennis or get the man or women of your dreams because you’re so thin. Let’s cut to the chase and be honest, weight control is hard work for most people.

Notwithstanding the role that genetics plays, keeping trim takes a high dose of dedication and will power, and much of the challenge is mental rather than physical. In fact it is often noted that people suffering from weight issues may also suffer from conditions like depression and anxiety, and often undiagnosed, this plays a large role in emotional eating (often called comfort eating), resulting in weight gain. This is often made worse because if you’re already overweight, you may not be happy with your appearance, leading to emotional binging, resulting in more weight gain and the circle keeps repeating itself.

So sometimes a good place to start is why and how a person finds themselves in a position where they think they’re overweight, and work on those psychological reasons first, then work on the physical well-being. In fact some of naturopaths recommend products such as Stress Zone, before even trying to find a supplement that will support weight management.

Yes, we do sell weight management supplement and some of these are very effective under the right circumstances, however we also give advice and try to deal with the entire package when it comes to helping people achieve their weight goals.