The how and why of pop starch

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Our webstore now uses 100 percent compostable courier bags, plus the rest of our packaging is either recyclable. Our boxes are packed using pop starch, which dissolves when run under water – a fun activity for the kids. It is also safe for pets and animals, so if your cat picks it up to play with there’s no need to be alarmed!

What is pop starch?

  • Made in New Zealand from starch and expanded with steam like popcorn
  • Contains sustainable renewable materials to reduce environmental footprint, energy consumption and climate change emissions
  • Reusable and disposable in composts, gardens or anywhere outdoors
  • Almost completely dissolves in water, and what remains quickly biodegrades
  • 100% certified compostable – ASTM D6400
  • 100% certified biodegradable and nontoxic in the marine environments – ASTM D7081

Did you know that we now pack all webstore orders with pop starch?
How to get rid of your pop starch packaging


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