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A number of people have allergic reactions to environmental factors in New Zealand, such as dust, dust mites, pollens and animals. An allergy is a type of body response to a foreign material. If you suffer from allergies and want a natural solution, we have a variety of products on this page.
Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine gaining popularity. It uses oils extracted from plants - the flowers, bark, stems, leaves and roots. The healing properties of essential oils work mainly in the areas of mood enhancement, cognitive function and physical wellbeing, and are also used for sleep, skincare and  hygiene, household cleaning and freshening.

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As we age bone health becomes more important, as wear and tears as well as depletion in bone strength makes bone more brittle and susceptible to brakes and fractures. Staying active help keep bone strength and sometime a supplement of calcium and Vitamin D3 can support the maintenance of healthy bones.  
Memory vitamins and supplements help enhance mental ability and improve concentration. Natural products are preferred, because they are more efficient, with fewer side effects. Regular use of brain supplements and vitamins can prolong mental sharpness.
Natural health for children includes herbal cough remedies, multi-vitamins and immunity boosting products.
A detox product is a cleansing diet which helps remove toxic waste and harmful chemicals from the body. Health 2000 has the largest range of  detox products, including herbal detox  and natural detox, instore and online.
Gain better health and a higher quality of life with digestive health products, and the good, beneficial bacteria in probiotics.
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Eye health degenerates overtime and, exacerbated with the modern lifestyle with fluorescent lights and computer work, looking after our vision is something we should all think about. 
Our high quality omega 3 fish oil range is one of the largest in New Zealand. It covers all popular fish oil capsules, fish oil tablets and liquid fish oils, including odourless and lemon-flavoured fish oil products, plus omega 3 evening primrose oil, flax seed oil and acai berry products.

Protein supplements, protein bars and sports supplements are highly represented in Health 2000’s  range of energy products and health supplements. You will also find a natural sweetener, psyllium husk and the potent UMF 15+ manuka honey.

A Health 2000 Gift Voucher is an ideal gift for friends and family to say happy birthday, merry Xmas or simply thank you. 
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Cardiovascular health products provide nutritional support for the heart muscle, by providing the co-enzymes needed for its maintenance and energy cycles. Health supplements containing CoQ10, gingko, and coenzyme q10 are among the stars when it comes to heart health.
Health 2000 offers a wide range of homoeopathic remedies for purchase online, or visit one of our stores for personal advice. Homoeopathic treatment can be highly effective for chronic illness and disease.
Health 2000 offers an extensive selection of immunity boosting products online - all the popular immunity boost products including immunity boost tablets, immunity boost capsules, immunity boost powders, liquid, creams and much more. 
Arthritis is a challenge for many people. We provide an extensive range of natural remedies for arthritis relief. Our natural joint supplements and anti-inflammatory products can provide relief from joint pain, without any side effects. 
Men’s health supplements include gender-specific multivitamins, fertility and libido support, and prostate care – to support the health and wellbeing of our active NZ men.
At Health 2000 we are always on the lookout for new products.
Nature can look after your smile and lips. Oral health which uses only natural toothpaste and other lip and gum products, makes great dental care sense.
Natural sleep remedies are the preferrable way to treat insomnia.We offer a wide range of natural sleep remedies, sleep aids and homeopathic sleep remedies to support a deep, restful sleep. 
Natural remedies for stress and organic health supplements for adrenal support, help relax and rest the mind, reducing stress and mental tension. We stock natural stress relief products from well known brands.
Our 2012 NZ Olympic gold medal-winning rowers Eric Murray and Hamish Bond, crossed the line supported by the Red 8 sports supplements Health 2000 stocks. We offer natural supplements for active individuals, to elite sportspeople.
Browse top quality natural probiotic, nutritional products and superfoods online. These natural, organic health supplements are designed to improve energy levels and the detoxification process.
Health 2000 specialises in offering a comprehensive range of natural and organic minerals, vitamins and supplements to help improve physical and mental health and wellbeing. Order online or visit one of our 70 stores throughout New Zealand.
Health2000 is one of the largest companies in New Zealand providing a comprehensive range of proven natural weight loss products. We have weight loss supplements to suit specific weight management needs, including the top international brands.
Women are quite physically complex creatures! So women’s health not only includes minerals and vitamins for women of all ages, from fertility to menopause , but all the essential minerals, fatty acids and  vitamins for pregnancy and the health of the unborn baby.