Glucose Manager Zone


Glucose Manager Zone

An exclusive formula of pancreatic enzymes and nucleic acids and peptides that prevent enzyme damage in the stomach

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100 Tablets

One tablet three times daily with food; or as directed by a health care professional. (Note: Glucose Manager Zone can be taken in a dose of two tablets three times daily, taken 30 minutes before food to act upon metabolic debris, rather than ingested food.)


HealthZone Glucose Manager Zone™ provides nutritional support for enzymatic digestive function. As pancreatic enzymes are central to the metabolic activity of the entire organism, the nutritional support provided by Glucose Manager Zone™ can have effects on the generation and detoxification of most metabolic components. Pancreatic enzymes are also commonly thought to be useful in breaking down metabolic debris and digesting the protective proteins around neoplastic activity. 
Nutritional support for pancreatic function, including enzyme production and glucose metabolism, may also be provided by the nucleic acids and peptides.
Clinical Application
An insufficiency of pancreatic enzymes can be a key issue in mal-absorption and toxicity syndromes, and a wider role of the pancreas is in the digestive and metabolic functions of the body. The pancreas also produces bicarbonates, which have a primary role of neutralizing the strong acidic environment that has traveled through the stomach, and an incidental role of adjusting serum pH as the bicarbonates are secreted. 
Some pancreatic enzymes are pH sensitive, meaning that they do not work correctly if pancreatic bicarbonates do not adequately service the intestinal tract. This makes the addition of the nucleic acids and peptides, to provide broad-spectrum support for pancreatic function, superior to products that only contain enzymes.
Pancreatic enzymes are also in widespread use as an aid to some alternative cancer treatments. The theory behind this approach is that, the NK and T lymphocytes will have a far better chance of recognizing abnormal cells if the acute phase proteins that surround the cancerous activity are dissolved by proteolytic (protein digesting) enzymes. Many alternative practitioners also suggest a similar role for proteolytic enzymes in auto-immune disorders, as they suggest that the immune response is directed against certain protein-like metabolites, which may be dissolved by enzymes.
All of the thousands of enzymes in our body are made from amino acids (proteins). Without enzymes that break down dietary protein, new enzymes cannot be made. This is why the lack of pancreatin can send the body into such a tail-spin. Glucose Manager Zone™ is therefore an important supplement in many conditions that involve nutritional deficiencies. Sometimes, however to solve the entire digestive problem you need to include DIGEST RELIEF ZONE™ as this supports the correct acid-predigestion process in the stomach.


  • Nutritional support for pancreatic function and Glucose control
  • Helps prevent poor protein and lipid assimilation
  • Suppoprts autoimmune dysfunction and unwanted weight gain

Each tablet contains, 
Calcium (as dibasic calcium) 73.6mg
Pancreatin (as enzymes): 200mg
- protease
- trypsin
- chymotrypsin
- amylase
- lipase
Pancreas nucleic acids and peptides (bovine) 100mg

Other ingredients: 
Gum Arabic
Microcrystalline cellulose
Potato starch
Magnesium stearate
Pregnancy: NOT suitable for use during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding: NOT suitable for breastfeeding mothers.