Lampona Cylindrata


Lampona Cylindrata

Homoeopathic white-tail spider bite support

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25ml Spray

Use as direct


Found throughout New Zealand the White Tail Spider is a social spider loves the company of humans and thrives on a diet of other spiders. You will find Lampona Cylindrata often under bark, rocks, or leaf and dark musty corners of the house, in shoes left outside and gardening gloves.

Bite symptoms include one or more of the following:
 - burning followed by localised swelling
 - itchiness at bite site
 - the bite can develop into an ulcerous sore
 - flu like symptoms
 - necrosis (rotting of the skin) may occur

The homeopathic remedy Lampona Cylindrata 30c has been manufactured from the spider itself.  The remedy can be taken to support the body's response to a White Tailed Spider bite.  The remedy can be taken to support the body's response in conjunction with C.G.H 6x (Drainage), which is designed to support the elimination organs (gallbladder, liver, and spleen) while detoxing.


  • Homoeopathic support for white tail spider bites

Homoeopathic Lampona Cylindrata

Use as directed

If Symptoms persist seek healthcare treatment