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I purchased a bottle of NZ Fulvic from Health2000 in Rotorua in August...I'm always up for trying new things and have been taking health supplements for as long as I can remember. I can hand on heart say I have really noticed a big difference since taking NZ Fulvic...I'm not as tired as I usually am, my skin is clearer and I have no more bloating. I've since bought more bottles and will continue on my NZ Fulvic journey. Thanks for putting the spring back in (this once very tired mama's) step!!

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Take 20mL (1 1/2 Tbsp) daily as a single serve in the morning or afternoon. Add to water, juice or a favourite smoothie


NuCell+ NZ Fulvic Daily Tonic assist to enhance nutrient absorption from the food eaten to help correct deficiencies.

Daily Tonic blends 100% NZ Fulvic, extracted from an ancient mineral-rich seam deep within New Zealand with pure mineral water to support the immune system, improve energy levels and help detox the body.

NuCell+ Daily Tonic’s unique bio-absorption properties support gut health, and support body’s access to essential nutrients and minerals. The NZ Fulvic contained in NuCell+ Daily Tonic supports the absorption of minerals and other nutrients rapidly into living cells. NZ Fulvic’s small molecular weight coupled with the fact that it is water soluble makes it superior for working in the body to support absorption of vitamins and minerals.


  • Helps lift energy by supporting nutrient absorption
  • May support gut health and immunity
  • Assist to de-toxify and cleanse the body
  • 1 bottle is 25 serves and should last 25 days of goodness

Mineral Water (Otakiri Spring) and Fulvic Acid

Nutritional info per 20ml serve, 

Fulvic Acid   2.46mg 
Calcium  18.9mg  
Iron   0.58mg 
Phosphorous  157mg  
Magnesium  6.9mg  
Zinc  0.017mg  
Copper  1.82mcg  
Manganese  0.49mg  
Sodium  3.2mg  
Potassium  82.6mg  
It is recommended not to take more than 100mg of Fulvic Acid a day which is equivalent to drinking two (2) bottles of NZ Fulvic in one day.