Nine amazing things that happen when you quit sugar

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Are you thinking about quitting sugar, or at least cutting down your intake? You’re certainly not alone. 

With science increasingly revealing the havoc sugar can wreak on our bodies, reducing your intake seems the logical step. 

The great thing is there are a whole heap of benefits to be reaped from quitting the sweet stuff. Here are just a few experienced by people who have completed the I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program.

1. Your energy levels will increase

As anyone who’s turned to a packet of lollies to get through the 3pm slump can attest to, sugar can indeed give you energy – but not the good kind. 

The sweet stuff sends your blood sugar levels sky high, only to come tumbling back to earth a short time later... Hello 3:30pm sugar crash! 

Ditching this short-lived fuel for nourishing meals ensures you have the stamina to stay at the top of your game all day long – without the nasty post-sugar slump. 

2. You might become a nicer person

True story – scientists now see a connection between food and mood. Too much sugar messes with your hormones, causing blood sugar imbalances, mood swings and general crankiness. 

A diet high in sugar and processed foods, and low in veggies, has even been linked to an increased risk of anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

3. You can lose weight 

Weight loss is one of the most common benefits we hear from people. That’s because when you stop eating junk and focus on real food, you feel more satiated and avoid blood sugar crashes. 

This curveball surprises many who switch from low-fat to no-sugar diets. Diet foods are often pumped with sugar to replace fat, leaving you hungrier and sicker than ever. 

Plus, because fructose (the harmful, addictive half of sugar) is metabolised almost exclusively by your liver, excess is converted to fat and stored around your organs. This is visceral fat, which is the most dangerous kind. 

4. Your skin will improve
Quitting sugar can help with a number of skin conditions, from acne to ageing, by helping to balance hormones and reducing inflammation throughout your body. 

5. You'll learn new cooking skills

Naturally, eating real food requires you to make most meals yourself. It’s surprisingly easy to whip up sauces from scratch or cook a creative alternative to your usual takeout! 

Quitting the sweet stuff might give you a chance to fall in love with food all over again!

6. You can save money

Quitting sugar doesn’t have to be expensive. Going back to basics usually means your ingredients – and food budget – go further. There are a heap of old-school tips and tricks to save money! 

7. You'll boost your immune system 

Do you catch everything that’s going around? Too much sugar mucks with your gut, which contains up to 80 percent of your immune system! 

By eating less junk and more gut-friendly foods, the good bacteria in your gut can support your immune system to fight off infections and keep you in tip-top shape. 

8. You'll reduce your risk of disease

Huge, peer-reviewed studies have now linked excess sugar consumption to metabolic syndrome, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, stroke and certain cancers. Is this reason enough to give it the boot? 

9. Your willpower will improve

Sugar is found to be as addictive as cocaine. Give it up, and just like a muscle, your willpower will become stronger.


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