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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Did you know that making self-care a priority in your life can positively impact your relationships with others and yourself? However, for many, time seems to be a common road block to achieving this. 

As a good start, try giving yourself 20 minutes of ‘you time’, once or twice a week - you’ll notice the difference! 

Your six-step, tranquil, day spa:

1. No disruptions

Choose a time to have your bath when no one else is around so there’ll be no interruptions - night time is best as the rest-inducing nutrients and oils of the bath may make you sleepy 

2. Make your environment relaxing

Use candles and play calming music in the background. YouTube has many free meditative tunes available if you get stuck, including sounds of the ocean or bird song.

3. Run a bath

Your ideal temperature for tranquillity would be somewhere between lukewarm and hot. The heat will help open your pores to absorb the nutrients in your bath salts

Hot tip: Buy bath salts at your local Health 2000 store or make your own at home! See recipe

4. Have a bottle of water nearby

With the heat of the bath and the detoxifying ingredients you may find that you will be sweating out toxins. To stay hydrated sip water throughout your bath time

5. Time yourself for no more than 20 minutes

This allows for the absorption of the nutrients from the bath and the removal of toxins from your body – you don’t want to reabsorb the toxins by staying in the bath too long!

6. Follow up with a short shower to rinse off any remaining residues.

Remember to breathe! Whilst in the bath, take a series of deep breathes. Breathe in to expand your belly, and, when you breathe out, pull in your belly – this helps to relieve tension in your body. 

Never use more than the recommended dose of essential oils. Avoid use in the bedrooms of babies unless under guidance. Read product safety precautions for pregnancy guidance. Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.


Danielle Roberts

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