Digestive solutions for spring vitality

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Spring has shown its amazing vibrant colours early this year, surrounding us with nature's vitality at every turn. With the beach, holidays and celebrations just around the corner, it is time to take a few minutes to make a plan, taking your cue from nature, to get digestive ready for spring vitality.

A healthy digestive system will allow you to access the nutrients from your food to fuel your energy. Good digestion supports your bodily functions to operate in a healthy manner, giving you a sense of wellbeing.

Unfortunately, modern life throws stress, processed foods, tummy bugs, ills and chills or toxic pollution in your direction which can affect your digestive system. You might be experiencing bloating, excess intestinal wind, changes to bowel motions, low energy after eating, or feeling over acidic. These are all signs your digestive system is not working at its best. You could probably do with a helping hand to restore digestive balance.

Lifestream Bowel Biotic Fibre is an all-natural combination of psyllium fibre, prebiotic inulin and probiotics. It is a gentle way to sweep old matter from your bowels, support regularity, and maintain healthy bowels. The fibre also supports balanced blood sugar and healthy cholesterol levels for healthy weight management.

The prebiotics and probiotics support a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut for digestion, immunity, bowel, and skin health. The prebiotic inulin has been the subject of documentaries announcing its benefits to support healthy levels of fat around your internal organs - this is good news if you are thinking about liver and heart health.

Lifestream organically-grown Aloe Vera helps to calm and soothe digestive bloating. With its prebiotic action, aloe vera supports the growth of beneficial bacteria for digestive, immune and skin health, while being a gentle liver tonic. It has powerful plant nutrients locked in by the patented process, NaturLOCK, to keep the nutrients as close to the fresh plant as possible, so supporting the health of your gut lining and absorption of nutrients from food.

Lifestream Advanced Probiotics is a unique blend of 14 strains of beneficial bacteria to populate your digestive tract for optimum digestion, immunity and skin health. The clinically-researched premium strains are micro-encapsulated which means they do not have to be refrigerated, and they can pass through the acidic conditions of your stomach to reach the bowel.

So, remember to drink six to eight glasses of water, eat foods that cover the colours of the rainbow for a variety of nutrients, and talk to the team at Health 2000 to see which of these products would be helpful in supporting your personal quest for spring vitality from digestive health.


Karin Spicer N.D

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